Sunday, November 14, 2010

i'm back!

Long time no see, blogosphere. I missed you.

I've been feeling really off lately- just not myself. I haven't felt like doing any of the things I normally like to do, like blogging, or crafting, or studying Korean. All I like to do lately is clean my room and watch tv. I've been feeling really bored with things lately. I want to get back into the swing of things. i feel like life has been kind of empty since I stopped doing the things I love. So here it goes! I'm back! This is what I've been up to lately!

WARNING: VERY PHOTO HEAVY POST! I had a big weekend. :)

My 22nd birthday was Thursday, Nov 11th. It had a slight damper since I got basically "dumped" by the boy I was seeing the night before. In his defence though, he was going to wait until after my birthday. I was the one who was like, "Ok, so what's the deal with you and me..?" But I think him and I are on good terms still, so I didn't let it get too me too much the next day.

I went to breakfast with my parents and sister in the morning, then my sister took me to the mall, where she got me a cute Abercrombie shirt with winter owls on it, and I got myself a pair of sequin shoes. Then we went to a Mexican restaurant where I got a margarita and didn't get carded, which I thought was weird, because I know I look like I'm 17.

My bestie picked a nice Thai place in Dayton to take me to dinner. He made reservations for our group of friends, which I thought was nice, since he knows I hate using the phone with strangers.
 jake: "Dude, Angie, you just got photobombed by James Dean!"

 The waiter stared at my ID for like a whole minute. I've been legal a whole year, people, come on.
 I'm so lucky to work with such great girls. I love them to pieces. Michelle, Amber, Craig (Amber's BF)

On Saturday after work we all went bowling. I hate bowling, but I thought it would be something fun to do with the girls. I was right. We had a blast!
 Kathleen and our pink ball.

The lady at the bowling alley also thought I was in high school.
"I'd like a medium coke, a Bud light, and a small pizza."
"A coke and what??"
"Bud light?"
"..That's what I thought you said.. Can I see your ID?"
"Here. I'm older than I look.."
[inspects ID] "Yes you are."

I'm a lightweight. I was pretty happy after just one. My [underage] friends went up to ask for another one for me, and the guy who rents the shoes out apperently just gave them one to give me, which I thought was nice, but I know he totally just did it because he was trying to get in my pants.. lol Sorry dude, no thanks. Although I did go give him a hug- I was drunk. :]

 mustache party! Kristin looks distinguished.

 I really hate Ohio.
Kathleen and me lookin sexy!
 "Wait, who put their name in as 'Oatmeal'? Adam, did you do that?" "No, Oatmeal is Helen!" "Oh. Oatmeal, you're turn to bowl."

 in my beloved korea, Nov 11th is Pocky / Pepero Day. Like another Valentines day.
 Melissa of Oh My Darling sent me this. :) I thought it was suuuper sweet that the thought of me even though I haven't blogged in like a month. This was super funny too. Here's some of my fav pages below:
 I may just have to try this. Sounds like a good time. :]
 Well of course!
 My ex sent me this card. He and I dated for years and we decided to stay friends. So I thought it was super sweet that he sent me a card. It actually made me burst into tears when I read it. lol Because he had a lot of problems when we were together but I stayed with him for a long time because I wanted to be someone he saw as being "on his side" while he thought the rest of the world was against him. I had always wanted to be his little "ray of light." So this really made me happy. :)
 we have a very unique way of talking to each other.. lol
 adorable owl stickers from April
 April also got me this owl pillow from the etsy shop "Fong's Studio." Very cute!!
 And a cell phone charm. i love it! it's a piece a' bread! :)
 my crafty friend, Alyssa made me a cute cute card and these little ornaments. Aren't they fun?
 this was a little present to myself! My new favorite shoes.
 My bff Amber got me this pretty handpainted box.
 She also got me this pretty asian hair pin and a Hello Kitty change purse, where I now keep my business cards.
And this  is my cat wishing she could fit into a tiny box.

I hope you enjoyed peeking in at my birthday celebration! I enjoyed sharing with you! Hopefully I won't take any more long blogging hiatuses.


  1. Sounds like you had a great birthday, for the most part. Don't feel too bad about looking young. I'm 30 and I still get carded. (Of course, when you're my age you'll probably LOVE it!)

    I hate selling alcohol. (I work in a grocery store.) I don't know what it's like in Ohio, but here in Oregon, we have to card people if we think they look under 27. If we sell alcohol to a minor, we can be fired, face a $3000 fine, and be responsible for anything that happens to the minor. So anyone questioning your age is just being careful. :)

    Looks like you got some great gifts too! The hand painted box is so pretty. Glad you're back! :) Take care!

  2. Angie, it was great hearing how things have been going! Glad that you're getting back into the things you enjoy -- it's amazing how that can be such an immense help in general. Also, it totally infuriates me that the boy would be mean just before your birthday! Sometimes male behavior is baffling.

    It looks like your birthday was incredibly fun-filled!! Glad you enjoyed the little mustache themed surprise. And, your friends are awesome gift-givers, those owls are great!