Tuesday, October 26, 2010

mustache party?

my 22nd birthday's coming up on November 11th. Not sure what kind of festivities there will be, but I'm pretty sure mustaches will be involved. <3

"is there something on my face?"

Monday, October 25, 2010

chai time

i'm so in love with chai tea right now. warm and spicy and sweet. <3 a fall favorite.

tomorrow will be a busy day, but hopefully most of the things on my to-do list will be fun things and not obligations. 

gooda wake up at 6 for school. goodnight. <3 luv you.

Sunday, October 24, 2010


i finally got a little bit of a break today to take it easy. i spent my day jogging around the neighborhood, watching korean dramas (too addicting!), sleeping, eating leftover pizza (YUUM!), and doing my homework. this is a self portrait i did for my drawing class, its due tuesday, but i got it done early! go me! =D what do you think? can you see a resemblance?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

pretty pink pom pom

i made this! i used rachel's tutorial here. when i got my korean label maker in the mail, it was wrapped in cute pink tissue. i'v a very sentimental person, so i wanted to keep it, just because it was from my beloved korea. (which i've labeled "the K word" because i know i say it so much everyone's probably super-annoyed..) anyway, i folded it up and kept it with my craft stuff, along with some pink and gold tissue i got when i went to victoria's secret. the shades of pink don't quite match, but i decided to put them together anyway. it's hanging above my nightstand. <3

honestly, rachel's tutorial was so so so easy. you should totally try it. :)

and unrelated, but i thought it was cute: my cat, Orion, is NOT AT ALL affectionate- unless you're in the shower, or when he's on the kitchen table. then he won't leave you alone. not sure why this is. so today he sat and waited for me to get done showering, meowing his little stripey head off so i pet him with dripping-wet hands and he didn't mind. so i put a little water on him and he seemed to enjoy it. even later on, he jumped up on the sink to watch me wash my hands and i got him all wet again. i guess he likes it. weird.

 aaaaaw little wet sewer rat <3

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

scrap journal

here are a few more pages i've done in my art journal / scrap journal

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Tibet

Months ago, my friend Amber invited me to a cultural festival at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She said it involved Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting and dancing. I'm totally into that kind of thing, so I said SURE!

note: taking photos was off-limits. These photos came from this site - but this is exactly the same as what we saw tonight. 

 The monks shared little pieces of their Tibetan culture with us- a culture that is disappearing fast, due to communist China moving in and taking over. So when you see the phrase, "Free Tibet," it means free them from oppressive Chinese rule. They want to be their own country and govern themselves, but China has other plans. And just FYI, I totally adore China, too. But I think it's sad what's happening to the Tibetans.

The Snow Lion dance was totally adorable. <3 I wanted to pet it. First it reminded me of The Neverending Story. Then it reminded me of Spudgy.

Monday, October 18, 2010


I've really been liking this weather lately. I prefer summertime because I hate having to wear layers upon layers. But right now just a warm hoodie keeps me comfy. I like that cozy feeling. I'm fortunate that I live in Ohio where we get a nice range in all four seasons. Although winter lasts entirely too long.

What are your thoughts about the fall season?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

my new fun thing

I got my new Korean Label Maker in the mail yesterday. It's kind of amazing. <3

 This is my name in Korean. Angie May - 앤 지  매이.  Although this label-maker's a little off because you can't put the letters on the bottom like they're supposed to be in the actual Hangul language.. Oh well. I still like it.  It prints English too. Awesome. <3
I had been anxiously awaiting this for the last 10 days. Thought I was going to die. But it finally came. :) Got it from atseoul.com. There's so much more that I want from that site.. Not sure if I should buy it, or ask my parents for it for my birthday that's coming up in a few weeks.

I'm sorry I haven't posted much lately the past new days. I've been busy with school, work, and helping my parents fix up their rental properties. I've also been getting behind on studying Korean. So you KNOW that means I've been busy! <3  Actually I've also been reconnecting with old friends (and new ones) so I've spent a lot of time lately at my friend's apartment, watching Family Guy and eating German candy.
Fred Kerkel. Kind of weird at first, then kind of addicting. Like a cross between fruit snacks and those little bright colored marshmallow bunnies you get at Easter.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my motto

i was inspired to start living my dream life when i heard the quote, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." there was an aha moment. i thought, "hey! i don't have to envy the girls with the cute clothes and the successful lives, i can BE them!" my life changed after that.

i didn't sit on the sidelines of life anymore. if i saw something i wanted, i went for it.
"i wish i could tease my hair," became, "hey look! i just learned how to tease my hair!"
"i wish i had a blog," became, "hey look! i just made a blog!"
"i wish i were happy," became, "hey look how freaking happy i am!"

i had taken up the motto, "Live the live you want, not the life you have." But i recently revised this to a shorter version,

so i saw the gorgeous diaries at atseol.com and thought they were painfully beautiful. i was inspired to change things up a little. so i started this art journal, but since the front and back are both plain black, i have a hard time telling the front from the back upside-down.. but i fixed that now. :] gold vinyl stickers with my personal motto.

unrelated, i have a lot of short term things i need to be patient about.
  • hearing from another bank about a loan
  • my birthday in less than a month
  • babysitting tomorrow
  • mailman delivering my korean label-maker
  • new episode of playful kiss *this one's gunna be good!!* ;)
  • asian student association meeting at school *not asian. going anyway.*
  • dinner with a friend
  • meeting with my academic adviser
  • waiting for an email from my korean teacher - login problems *blugh*
waiting is soo haaaard!! :-P

Monday, October 11, 2010

art journal pages 1-3

As promised, here are the pages I have done so far in my art journal.

 introductory page. i was feeling a little bit of an identity crisis - not really sure what "my style" is, since i like so many styles and they're all so different. hence the page on the left: "who am i? i'm angie may. at least that much is certain." trying to figure out who i really am. (making an art journal has really helped with that, by the way.)
uuugh my crazy weird obsession with that darn korean soap opera, Playful Kiss. *Watch it on Hulu here! The first episode is a little weird.. It gets good though. :)* Sends my little heart a-flutter. <3
Oh Ha Ni + Bek Seung Jo Forever! ^^
 I went to visit a friend last night. I haven't seen him in months, and I hadn't been to his new apartment before. *just noticed i spelled apartment wrong there- oops* After missing like 3 turns in a row, I called him up and told him, "Just so you know, you don't mean this much to me. It wasn't worth this much trouble just to see you." My favorite friendships are the ones where you can be mean to each other on a regular basis and no one gets their feelings hurt. And that round black blob is gold in real life. Darn scanner.
I cleaned my room. Yeah. :)

fat cat in little box <3

Sunday, October 10, 2010

keeping my hands and heart busy

Lately I've been kind of down. :( Just a little depressed. You may have even noticed I haven't been posting every day. The reason I've been sad is that the house that my family was planning on moving into for the last three months- well, the bank won't give us a loan to buy it, since the house is a "fixer-upper." Which breaks my heart. In my head, I've been feathering this new nest all summer, planning out paint colors, and furniture placement, and decor. And now the dream is crumbling before my eyes. We're gunna keep trying, seeing if there's any loopholes or anything, ANY way that we can get this house.

And off topic (but I'm getting somewhere with this) I blogged about my love of the diaries (and photo staging of the diaries) at atseoul.com. And you may have noticed that I was being a little cynical about it. As much as I love (love love love love) these diaries and the photos of them, I thought they were a little unrealistic, at least for my life.

Well they really inspired me to make some changes. One of the major beliefs that has driven my life the past year or so is the idea that if there's something in your life that you aren't happy about, change it! I know I can't change the fact that the bank won't give us a loan, but letting out some of my creativity has really helped me feel less depressed. I've started an art journal because I was inspired by the diaries at atseoul.

And today I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning my room, rearranging all my little knick-knacks, and even my posters. I had been itching to decorate my "new room" for months, so I took that energy out on my current room. And it feels great.

I'm still disappointed about not getting my dream house. (although still hopeful that we can work something out) But I've been finding ways to change my life to be something better.

 this is the opening spread. kind of an "introductory" page. i made another page too, about my obsession with the korean soap opera Playful Kiss, but i'll post that one later.
 I have so much jewelry.. SO much. I went through it today and sorted out the things I wear VS the things I don't. I'm planning on listing the 4 pound shoebox full of unwanted jewelry on etsy as supplies for reconstruction. anyone interested?
and yes, i finaly posted my latest creation. this is kevin. he needs a home. he's now listed in my etsy shop, for anyone who's ever wanted a cute little owl buddy.  ;)

Friday, October 8, 2010

diaries to die for

a few days ago i mentioned the website atseoul.com, the site where i bought a pink korean/english label maker. *can not wait for that to come in the mail!!!* what really made me fall for this website was the adorable collection of diaries. they're cute on the outside, but even cuter on the inside. they fill all the pages with cutesy little words and pictures, and set up the photos with unrealistic but painfully beautiful props. *yeah right, like i would ever have a full and exciting schedule. like i would ever randomly lay out a pencil, a sticker, and a leaf next to my diary at a coffee shop. i dont even GO to coffee shops, and if i did, i think i'd be way to self conscious to bring my dairy there.*

anyway, my point is, i look at these photos, and say, "It's so beautiful! I want that life!" and so i buy the diary. and life is the same. except now i have a diary.

advertising. don't you love it?

i don't mean to be a negative nancy. :-P i'm just kind of poking fun at reality. it's how i roll.
look how pretty these are, and tell me you're not inspired to change your lifestyle. ;)

gorgeous right? *swoon* some of these diaries are so clever too. i saw one that had a little place on the corner of the pages where is has little pictures of a cloud, a sun, a snowflake, etc. and you circle the one for the weather that day. so cute. and it had a little pair of dots for eyes and a little nose, and you either drew in a smile or a frown, depending on how your day was going. or a frown and arched eyebrows, if your day was particularly bad. hehe. :-P is anyone else drooling over these diaries or an i the only one? :]

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

something that makes me happy

Something that I'm loving at the moment: glitter.