Saturday, July 31, 2010

a little giveaway! - NOW CLOSED

i want to show my appreciation to the awesome people who read my blog. thank you!
i want to give away this cute little clutch purse. (it has endless uses- i have one and i use it as a photo envelope) anyway, i bought the purse from hobby lobby, and embellished it with a little muslin rose that i made. its just something simple, but its something sweet. <3 and you know what? i'll fill it with surprises! ;)

to enter: comment on this post. you can say anything.
for an extra entry: follow me! (please leave a separate comment if you decide to follow me, or if you follow me already)
for a third entry: blog about this giveaway and leave a comment with the link

registration for this giveaway ends at midnight on saturday august 7th, and the randomly drawn winner will be announced sunday the 8th. please leave your email in "address [at] whatever [dot] com" format, so i can get a hold of you if you win. if you choose not to leave your email, please make sure you check back sunday and get a hold of me! :)
paige of prone to wander is giving away one of my relaxing lavender eye masks, as well as some REALLY awesome other things from fellow etsians!
click here for details!

Friday, July 30, 2010

the little things

i love the little things in life. here are some things that are making me super happy right now:

a random customer who checked out through my line at hobby lobby gave me this little puppy card. i thought it was super nice. :)

purple pig watering can! :)

this little birdy mirror was a gift from melissa over at oh my darling. :)

this mini journal i keep in my purse. and a pink kneaded eraser! :)

still waiting to see if i'm going to be moving to a bigger house. i already bought this awesome fabric to recover the dining room chairs if we get it. :) *i like to live optimistically*

cupcake time!

wednesday, i decided to make cupcakes. not for any.. special occasion.. or anything.. :-P

i had never made anything from scratch before- i've always used boxed mixes. but i felt like trying something new. i used a recipe from martha stewart for her yellow butter cupcakes. 

they turned out a little dry, but not too terrible. not bad for my first attempt i think. :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*a teenybopper moment*

you couldn't tell my looking at me, but i'm really into korean pop music.. *ahem* specifically the group shinhwa and the singer minwoo. *i know it's dorky, but i just don't care!* well, today is minwoo's bithday! =D i feel like a 12 year old, having a crush on a celebrity, and kinda weird that my crush doesn't speak english.. but seriously, look at him. *drools*
all pics from google images
happy birthday minwoo! :]

watch one of my fave videos. its really a beautiful song. give it a chance!

oh, and unrelated,  expect a giveaway here soon!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"rustic romantic"

this is the style that i'm kind of in love with right now. it's woodsey but feminine, country but sophisticated.      rustic romantic.   <3 these are the things i'm lusting over right now.
to shop my treasury, click here.

Monday, July 26, 2010

crossing my fingers

I'm looking forward to the possibility of a new house and maybe someday new romance. <3 someday.

what are you looking forward to?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Elsie's July giveaway!

on the fabulous A Beautiful Mess, Elsie is having a huge giveaway! Since I am a sponsor for her this month, one of my items will be included! :D check it out!

to enter, click here and leave Elsie a comment about your favorite time of year.
one lucky winner will win the WHOLE LOT! :D

the item i contributed is the Peace Love and Happiness Necklace! (bottom right)
it features natural stones and a copper tone chain. Calming green adventurine represents Peace, while rosey pink rhdonite represents love, and the turquoise represents happiness, like a clear sky on a sunny day. Go enter to win!

Friday, July 23, 2010

moss and magnolias wreath

i have a habit of getting a little side-tracked. and i also have a bad habit of adding to my to-do list before i scratch things off. oh well. :]

today i made this.
i already had the wreath form and it was already covered in moss green yarn. it was left over from this project i did back in the spring. i did this after reading Elsie's DIY here on A Beautiful Mess.
the butterflies had faded and fallen apart, so i ripped them off and kept the form for future projects.

i wont get into the instructions for wrapping the wreath form; if you really want to know, click the link above. its just cutting your yarn into 2ft segments (to make it easier) and hot glueing it to the back of the wreath.

to make my "moss and magnolias" wreath, i first cut out the magnolia petals. i used an ivory colored cotton fabric, and made little ovals. the size ranging from silver dollar to quarter.
then, to give it a little personality, i painted the edges of the petals with brown water-color paint. it just gives it a subtle, antique-style stain.
after the water color had dried, i hot glued them together, largest on the bottom, then put button centers on.

then i made little fabric roses, in this context i guess they're more like moss patches. all i did was take three strips of fabric, braid them, then hot glue them into a spiral shape. (if you want to make these roses into brooches or hair things, i would hand sew them into a spiral, rather than use the glue gun)
then i (quickly) made a gypsy moth out of craft cardstock. i used a photo from google images as a reference.
i also used a faux fern that i had gotten at hobby lobby on clearance for 9 cents. it was one of those things where i bought it saying "i don't know if i'll ever use this for anything, but hey, for 9 cents? i can't go wrong.."
i positioned all the parts on the wreath where i wanted them, then glued them down.
i felt like it was missing something, so i added some real moss. reindeer moss, to be exact.
and some ribbons to hang it.
pretty cute, right?? :D i'm pretty happy with how it turned out. <3

Thursday, July 22, 2010

discount for my readers

Rebecca of or Rapunselsgold  wants to offer you all a deal! She would like to give you 15% off anything in her three shops for the full day of Friday July 16th. The discount will be via paypal reimbursement.

Simply tell her "angie may sent me" when you go to check out.

  check it out :)

some etsy crushes

These are some things that I'm in love with. <3 If etsy were a boy, I'd marry him.

1) mac print: KeepCalmShop   2) remember me ring: Rapunzelsgold   3) moss fields print: BillyCurrie   4) hose clothes: dirtcouture  5) zodiacs: MiniatureRhino   6) bee necklace: morikaty   7) owl platter: reedlehmandesigns   8) lace trim: pinkgrapefruitstyle