Sunday, February 27, 2011

what a fun blog: Creative Kismet

i found the blog "Creative Kismet" today. very inspiring craftyness, clever and low cost ideas, and great tutorials!

these are all crafts that have diy totorials. check them out! :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

drawing portfolio

we had a portfolio review in my drawing class the other day. just wanted to share some of my drawings with you. :D

i was up all night finishing this drawing before portfolio review. national air force museum, dayton ohio.

and the rest are all self portraits.
 ink on watercolor paper

 paint markers on wood
 graphite, paint marker, ink, oil pastel. collage on paper

 graphite pencil

sharpie marker

i did this outside of class, just for fun. its my bathroom counter. chalk pastel on cardstalk.

this was for color class. we had to put together a mixed media collage with found objects. the red word on korean is "haengbok" and it means happy. i was having a bad day that day and wanted to cheer myself up. :)

and here are some new art supplies i bought myself as a little treat. :-P i couldnt get the ugly label off the pencil box so i covered it with woodgrain contact paper, cupcake stickers, and a sticker that says "i'm happy" in korean. and ive been wanting a brush holder so i can keep the bristles from fraying in my art supply bag. the ones in the art section were boring though, so i got this knitting needle case and i think it works pretty well! :D

well i hope you enjoyed looking at the drawings ive done in class. the only ones i left out were the nude studies from life and the gesture sketches. i dont think my gesture ones are very good, and the nudes are, you know, nude. so i thought id just skip that. :-P you're welcome.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

mod wedding ideas

im so happy to see so many unique weddings these days, where things are a little more laid back and it becomes a real party to celebrate the bride and groom. my best friend amber recently got engaged, and lately i've been thinking of all the things we can do together to get ready for the big day. i stumbled upon paul and cassie's wedding photos here and fell in love.  the blog is the portfolio of jonas peterson and he takes some really beautiful pictures. check out his blog here.

Monday, February 21, 2011

super sprayer- cosmic artist

i just discovered this artist on youtube. he makes super quick celestial artwork with spraypaint! i thought it was really neat and i wanted to share it with you. :) he has a lot of videos of different artworks he's done. check them out here! seriously. it'll blow your mind.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

feelin that artsy feelin

ive been wracking my brain the past few days trying to figure out what i wanted to make for my dear friend for her birthday. i wanted to continue the tradition of handmaking gifts for my friends when i can. i think it means more because it comes from the heart, and you know, i'm broke. :-P after looking around for a while i thought of something great. something fun for her, fun for me to make, and useful! :D

here's a hint. ;)

also, i drew this today. its me! :D
paint markers on wood panel

Friday, February 18, 2011

porcelain beauties

i stumbled across these gorgeous porcelain dolls made by artist Marina Bychkova. totally beautiful. check out more of them here on the Beautiful Life website.

super pretty, right?

Thursday, February 17, 2011

something i miss

if you've been reading my blog a while, you may remember that over the summer i was a bit obsessed with listening to KPOP, watching Kdramas, and learning the Korean language of Hangul. well since school started last fall, Hangul has been put on the backburner. but i miss it. i miss it like crazy. i just dont feel like i have time. im an art student, and every minute of the day that i dont spent either making art or looking at art, i feel like im doing something wrong. like i need to spend 25 hours a day submersed in creative thinking.

but the other day we had to do a collage in color theory class with found objects and i used bits of a korean newspaper that i had been hanging on to. i could pick out a few words here and there but i want to be able to really read it. like, fluently.

i was so obsessed with korean culture, that i effectively swore off spending for an entire month, just so i could save up to go to korea someday. (hasnt happened yet..) i tried to save up money this month, just for the sake of having money, and um.. its harder this time..

so i'm setting a goal. ill start off easy on myself and see what happens.
my goal is to spend one hour each week studying korean. 

yeah, that's a light goal, but trust me- its a lot better than the 0 hours a week im spending now.. and im trying to be realistic. if i can do more, GREAT! but i need to start small. so please please, keep me on track. ;)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

blogs that make me hate my life :)

im just kidding, just kidding, just kidding!.. kind of. ok, so i discovered these blogs and they're so beautiful it hurts. not gunna lie, i'm a little jealous of these artists. but instead of just sitting around and moping about how i'm not as awesome as they are, i should strive to be better. and that's what imma gunna do! :-P


she does a lot of watercolors and illustrations, especially of birds. her work is so beautiful and her studio is soo awesome.. holy cow. seriously, i want to be her.


it's no secret that i love elsie. to pieces. i've loved elsie since i saw her scrapbooking line, "LOVE, Elsie," like 4 years ago. srsly. she's so crafty and trendy and adorable i could just die. love her love her love her.

next off, MADE BY JOEL

dear joel, WHY YOU GODDA BE SO FREAKIN CREATIVE AND TALENTED AND AWESOME, HUH?? HUH???? you make my heart hurt with your awesomeness. such beautiful contemporary kid's toys and art. and a lot of them i can make at home. you disgust me with your genious-ness-es-esss. *deep breath* .. .. can i give you a hug? *note - he has a book coming out this fall- Made to Play- by Joel Hendriques. you should all buy it. i'm going to.*

Last but not least, SEBASTIAAN VAN DONINCK

i came across sebastiaan's blog the other day and couldn't help but be blown away by his talent. his illustrations are so whimsical and fun- even the one's with a darker feel are just so darn cute. i want to be an illustrator some day, so stuff like this really makes me drool and wish i was in his shoes already.

well i hope you liked my post! :D now excuse me while i go make some art that's inadequate in comparison! hahaaa!-aa-aaa-aaaa... *trails off* :]