Monday, May 31, 2010

what have i been up to lately? lots.

so here is a little tutorial-ish post. i made some bunting flags the other day and wanted to share my how to.

  • fabric scraps at least 1/3 yard wide
  • fabric glue
  • extra-wide double fold bias tape

1) make sure fabric is doubled over, wrong sides together (this is so there's no front or back to your flags)
2) with pinking sheers, cut isosceles triangles. mine are 8 inches wide and 9 inches long, but the size can be adjusted to your liking

3) on the longer sides, sew straight lines about 1/2 inch away from the edge. *if you're like me, and you don't really know how to sew, here's a tip i remembered from home ec- when you get to the tip of the flag, make sure the needle is down in the fabric, then lift the presser foot. this allows the fabric to pivot in the machine, and continue along the angle of the triangle*
you don't need to sew along the shorter side.

4) lay out bias tape on a table or floor. use fabric glue to glue the flags in place, 2-3 inches apart. *this is easier than pinning* let dry completely.

5) sew along bias tape to secure flags in place

Sunday, May 30, 2010

thoughts on father's day

so father's day is coming up. since i have the best dad ever, i want to get him something great. i think i know what im getting him- ill post more about that later. but look what i found on etsy today. i thought it was pretty cute, i mean, manly.. i think it would great on a gift for a guy.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

a little behind the scenes- just for fun

this has nothing to do with anything, but i thought it was kinda cute. i had just finished a little photo shoot with my jewelry for etsy. i was packing up my stuff and taking back to my room. on a trip to grab more things to put away, i turned the corner and found this: my cat, ori, napping on my backdrop, with gemmi underneath. i had only been away for like 30 seconds.

oh boy, i love my cats.


i really havent been buying much for myself lately- i've been spending a lot of money, but it has all gone towards the craft fair booth. so when i checked my email and saw that ruche had recently marked things down and had free shipping this weekend, i was on that sight faster than you can say.. anything..

these two pretties will be soon be making their way to my mailbox. cant wait.

Friday, May 28, 2010

thank god it's FURiday

ok so im a total old cat lady. (a 21-year-old old cat lady)
for real though.
and i will find any excuse to obsess about how much i love cats. (and other animals for that matter, but whatever). anyway, insired by 4-chan's "caturday", i think ill be doing some FURiday cat-related posts.. already posted one.. here. have another.

scrapbook time!
"pretty lady" page features my girl cat, Gemini, and embellishments i won from threesixfive, and the "man of the house" page features my boy cat, Orion, and embellishments from Love, Elsie; elsie flannigan's scrapbook line from a few years ago, before she opened RVA.

the coolest thing ive seen in a while

i saw this and thought, "oh, pretty roses. i want this." then i noticed they werent roses at all, but KITTY CATS! and i thought, "NEED THIS!" omgomgomg..

seen on the blog:

Thursday, May 27, 2010

pinwheels, doctors, and thread

yesterday i woke up with my whole right arm numb and week, like i had slept on it funny- but that feeling didnt go away, so today i stayed home from school to go to the doctor. she basically told me i overstretched something in my arm while sleeping, but ill be back to normal soon- which i figured, but i wanted to make sure i didnt have carpel tunnel or anything.

after i got home, by bestie, Amber, came over and helped me make pinwheels to give out at the street fair. im hoping they will 1) attract attention to my booth, and 2) bring in some traffic to the blog and the etsy, since i printed the web address for each on the pinwheels. Amber helped me out by taking the pinwheel supplies home and she's going to do some for me in her free time, which is a HUGE help, being that i only have two weeks to get everything ready for the fair.

after dinner, i broke out the old singer and started sewing away on some fabric garland. (ill post more about that later)

today was a pretty productive day, even though skipping my drawing class put me even more behind on my drawing assignments.. oh well.. we'll see what happens..

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

busy busy

wow what a day. or past couple days i should say. this is what happened:
  • i made sun tea
  • planted irises that a coworker gave me
  • did a lot of laundry and hung it out on the line
  • got a little sun burnt
  • made cookies
  • bought a cd - One Star Story
  • watched Who's Line is it Anyway from 1999 with Stephen Colbert on it
  • played with my cats out in the yard
  • and painted these CUTE little owls!! i REALLY like these. look forward to seeing them in my shop soon.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

a day out with mom

i dont spend much time alone with my mom, mostly because she can be kind of.. um.. difficult. but today after lunch we went to Ande's Nursery in Troy, Ohio and bought $75 worth of flowers, vegetables and pots. then we came home and planted them together, then we went to Plato's Closet, where i was really wanting to find something for her to wear to the street fair, but it turns out all she could find was a pair of shoes. we went to Kohl's though and i picked out a pair of dark jeans and she got a nice shirt, so i was pretty happy that we finally found an outfit for her. all in all, it was a real challenge to go out shopping with my mom all day, and not, you know, snap, but what can i say; i like challenges.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

today's favorite animal : QAUIL!

ok, so i have a handful of animals that im partial to, but i love them all so much. every once in a whie, ill be reminded of a random animal and just fall in love with it. today's favorite: quail. look at him! look how cute he is! :-D AAHH!! soooo cute!

needless to say, dick cheney and i are not friends.


a good friend of mine, amber, made these beautiful mosaic coasters, candle holders, and vases. im going to be taking them to the street fair with me to sell june 12th. i think they're super pretty! :)

gues whoo?

these little guys were a happy accident. i was making sign holders out of clay, and i made one of these and went "oooo i like that!" so i made a bunch more. they will be painted and adorable, all in good time. can you guess what they will be?

Friday, May 21, 2010

rain rain, go away

its been raining here almost every day for the past two weeks or so. its only a hassle to me because i cant wear normal shoes; i have to wear my rain boots (which isnt really a bad thing, honestly, but sometimes i just wanna wear flats.) and my hair wont stray straight in this humidity. other that, its not too big of an inconvenience for me, at this point.

i still have a looot of work to do before the street fair! i cant wait though! :) my good friend amber made some BEAUTIFUL mosaic pieces for me to take. ill post photos on those soon! :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

whole lotta' nuthin

im angie.
i like owls.
and that is your tidbit of the day.

in other news, i had my drawing class today where we were drawing exterior spaces- buildings and trees. im pretty happy with my drawing, but its not quit finished yet.. neither is the one i drew tuesday, or any of my drawings from last two weeks.. its homework (due in june) to get all of them done, but i just cant find the motivation. i dont want to spend any more time at school than i really have to. im too obsessed with etsy and the street fair right now. so let's all cross our fingers and hope i can find time to put my "need to"s before my "want to"s.

also, i got my kit in the mail from 365 today! :) the one i had won in the giveaway last week. love it love it love it! and i sold a pair of earrings on etsy today, and i've decided to give a little "mystery gift" to all the people who buy from me. :) just for the fun of it.

new earrings listed

new to - Avifauna Earrings - features real feathers in brilliant, rich colors. i think they're super pretty :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Grand Canyon Necklace - New to Etsy

new to my etsy: Grand Canyon Necklace - features natural stone, petrified wood, floral detail beads - inspired by the colors and textures of the southwest

Island Chain Necklace - Now on Etsy

meet the latest edition to my etsy summer '10 collection; the Island Chain Necklace

super pretty for summer, right? :]

oh you pretty rouche

ruche is my absolute favorite clothing store. as far as i know, it is only online. the clothes are affordable and gorgeous. check out the summer collection! cute cute!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

la clase de español

i have a big spanish test tomorrow.. ive been studying for two hours and im not done yet. i better ace this one! ;)

men's jewelry

ive never made men's jewelry before. a friend of mine asked me to make him a necklace that looks like the rosary from boondock saints. i searched high and low trying to find a cross that was comparable, and FINALLY i found one- at walmart, of all places. they had these wooden beads that i was looking for too. i was so excited to find them there. i had actually tried to make this several times, with different beads, different cords, and different crosses, but i just wasnt happy with the result. unlike most things in life, with my art, i can never say, "eh, good enough," it has to be perfect. anyway, im very pleased with how this one turned out, and now im thinking of making a few more men's pieces to sell at the street fair. if i have time, you know.

Monday, May 17, 2010

i need a little obsession every day

this is my motto.

quick, easy, cheap craft

a friend of mine commissioned me to make him a necklace and its really hard to find beads for men, and i was getting a little desperate, so i went to walmart today to check out their bead selection. they ended up having what i was looking for, so i was super psyched. (ill post on that later) anyway, since i was there, i thought i would check out the other craft supplies they have. i ended up getting this scorpion stud iron-on on clearance for 75 cents! my astro sign is scorpio (i was born in november) so i thought, "heck yeah! im buyin' it!" i had this $3 pair of black boyshort panties from target, just waiting to be decorated, soo ta-da!!! cute, right? ;)