Thursday, September 30, 2010

This time last year

October is only 6 hours away. Part of me (most of me) is sad to see the warm weather go. (It's easy to look cute in tank tops, shorts, and sandals, but it's hard to be pretty when you're wearing several hoodies at the same time.. I get cold easy.) There's a part of me that's kind of excited about October coming. Fall really is a kind of magical time. The trees are so pretty, and there's pumpkins everywhere and cinnamon, and caramel apples. And October 11th is always a really exciting day for me, because it means ONLY ONE MORE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! YAAAAY! November babies out there give a *woot woot*! hehehe :) This is what I was doing last October. Let's see if this year lives up to the last.

 school was even more hectic last year
 breakin out the cold weather gear
 going costume shopping with some friends
 going pumpkin shopping with a good friend
 selling jewelry at the Mum Festival
 my cats are very predictable.
 dino-lantern! didn't look very good when lit though..
 pretty leaves
 hayride/ pumpkin patch with my girl
 hot air balloon over my house
 sitting in the grass between classes
 spooky cookies
 gemmi didn't like her dino costume
 ori didn't either but i put it on him anyway
 i went as a cowgirl to work. hooray for $5 costumes!
carving time!

I wonder what October 2010 will be like?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chopstick Practice

Today was the first time I used chopsticks in public.

A few days ago, I mentioned that I had learned how to use chopsticks. Since that day, I've been using them to eat scrambled eggs every morning, and at night I practice by repeatedly picking up and dropping a piece of gum. (Hey, it works!) But today was the first time I really put it to the test. I went out to a Viet Namese restaurant with a friend of mine, and I ate the ENTIRE MEAL without a fork! Chopsticks only! GO ME! :D hehehe

Broccoli, peas, carrots, onions, tofu, calliflower, with spices and lemongrass. Mmmm.. <3

I'm so proud of myself.. ^ ^ And it's totally cool how I would several mention people I know, and it turns out my friend knew them too! Small world, for real. And I'm totally excited to find out that my friend listens to Korean pop music too. We were talking about different groups and music videos and all that- finally, I have someone to share my dorky obsession with!  XD

Monday, September 27, 2010

My Weekend in Pictures

 these are my babies.

 on my nightstand: hello kitty lamp, yellow clock from Hob Lob, perfume from American Eagle, a handmade leaf coaster from a store in Tipp City Ohio, my phone, Burt's Bees chapstick, my favorite green mug full of orange juice, a pen, an owl coaster that a friend got me from etsy for Christmas last year, a clothespin, chopsticks, a piece of gum.

 This is my cactus. He was blind before, but now he can see.

 Finally got the cabinet fronts put back on. Poor color choice.. Blends in with the walls too much but it's a little off. :-/ Oh well.. I'm moving anyway..   .. .. Peanut butter!
Working on drawing homework. <3

Something else interesting that happened this weekend: Sunday about noon, I went out for a jog around the neighborhood. I went over twice as far as I normally do, so when I got back I was super sweaty and stinky. When I got home I found that the power was out.. so I had to take a shower by candle light.. It was an experience.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pondering a Haircut

I got a drastically different haircut 2 1/2 years ago. I loved it at the time, but I decided to let it grow out like a hippie. I've grown it out pretty long now, and I'm considering cutting it short again. I plan on donating it to Locks of Love. If you're not familiar with the organization, they make wigs for cancer patients out of hair that girls like me chop off.

I don't think I'm quite ready to cut it off yet. I figure that then I get to the point where I'm ready, I'll "just know."

Right now I can't decide what I like better: long hippie hair, or short spunky hair.

thoughts or comments on this?

oh. here's a little somethin somethin for ya ;) have a good laugh.
this is me in 6th grade
embarrassing. :]

Friday, September 24, 2010


I love to watch TV. I don't get much time to watch it though. Life is so busy busy. I use the DVR a lot so that when I DO have a little free time, I can watch some really good shows, rather than whatever junk is on. This is what I've been all about lately:

The Office <3

Quite possibly the best show on TV. 
I <3 Jim and Pam 4ever.

Today I watched the episode where Micheal makes his own paper company. They had to buy a van and do their own deliveries because they couldn't afford to hire a delivery driver. In one scene, Pam is in front of the van and she says, "We think it says 'Allelujah Church of Scranton' in Korean.. It was either this or an old school bus with an owl living in it."

She's right. Well, it says, "Scranton Allelujah Church," but yeah, same thing. ;) *I'm getting a little behind on by Korean classes since school started, but this weekend I'm planning on doing a little catch-up* I'd also like to say that an owl bus would not have been a bad choice either. Owls are great.

Destination Truth <3

source n/a

I LOVE Destination Truth on the ScyFi Channel. The host, Josh Gates, is adorable and hilarious. A good combo. And they go all over the world looking for mythical creatures and ghosts. They rarely find anything of any signifigance, but it's still a fun show. :] The yeti footprint was pretty cool.

Ghost Hunters <3


Yes, this show is silly. Yes, it may all be fake. But yes, I like it anyway. It's kind of a ritual of mine. Every Wednesday after work, I get Taco Bell and watch Ghost Hunters. It's great. <3 I will admit that The live Halloween Show a couple years ago was probably rigged. *so sad* And that kind of made me not like it so much.. But none the less, this show is entertaining and it makes my Wednesdays complete. <3 Cheap tricks and all.

Drawing class is my favorite

And that's how it should be, really. I'm an artist. I'm working towards my fine art degree. Drawing class really should be my favorite. My past drawing classes were loathsome, but this one is nice. I really enjoy it. Once we finished with the still life that I mentioned a few days ago, we started drawing figures. Plaster casts of famous sculptures. It's been pretty fun so far. Here is a little peek at the homework I've been doing for that class lately.
 We had to make a little movable figure so we could see how the hips and shoulders align in the contraposto pose. (putting your weight on one leg- kind of casually slouching) I actually made this before he really talked about the assignment, and I ended up making it too small.. So much for being pro-active. :-P  I'll have to do it over. But eh, oh well.

 Some 30-second gesture drawings of people in the library. This was super awkward for me.. I was so afraid people would notice me drawing them, and be creeped out.

 This is the full spread of the page I posted the other day. I added some song lyrics and a crow to the skulls to give it sort of a theme, just because it's my sketchbook and I wanted it to reflect how I myself feel about the skulls. They remind me of Halloween and Taeyang's music video for the song I'll Be There. So I wanted to incorporate my thoughts. <--- if you haven't seen this music vid yet, you NEED to see it ;) one of my favs.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

one day at a time

im really overwhelmed with school right now. i only have free time on tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays now. the other days i get to come home after school for a snack, then i go straight to work. it's pretty exhausting. so forgive my lack of posting lately. :( i'm sad because i see all these interesting posts on blogger in the blog updates of the people i follow, but i never get time to explore them anymore. boo.

today i left my house at 7 to go to a recital at school. it was mandatory for my music appreciation class. it was piano and an opera singer. they were really talented, but i couldn't help but think of all the other things i would rather be doing. i didnt get home from the recital until 10. i hate the fact that i had to waste three whole hours of my day. those are precious hours. *sigh*  oooh well.

i'll find a way to make this work. <3

oh hey! off topic, but uh, look what i got!! a present from my mommy. as in, "mom, can i have this??" "no!" "please please please please please!" "ooh alright.."
spoiled much? maybe.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Peace Day

I'll be honest. My Peace Day wasn't very peaceful. It was busy busy busy.

In drawing class, my instructor noticed the extra effort that I put into my drawing. He was walking by and did a double-take. It was awesome. ;) lol

Then when I got home from school, I went jogging, picked up some pine cones for my room and took a shower. Then I had a late lunch and took a quick nap.

Then it was off to Kohl's. My dad gave me a giftcard and I wanted to use it. I ended up cheating a little on my "no spending money" vow. I had tried to not buy any clothes or frivolous things for a whole month, but I saw these Elle Must Have Camis, and went nuts. See, a year or so ago, I found one of these camis randomly on a rack. I looked to see where it came from but I could only find the one. It was so perfect and so comfy. Great for wearing under everything. I even looked online a few months later to see if I could find more, but I couldn't find them. I told myself that if I ever found these for sale anywhere, I would get one in every color. Well.. I found them. And I wasn't about to pass them up.
I got a grey one, black one, and teal. My giftcard only covered one, so I broke my vow to myself by buying the other two. But honestly, these camis are like heaven. Worth it.

I made some pumpkin muffins for my mom, since Cupcake Wars is her favorite show. She always likes to have cupcakes or muffins on Tuesdays. Apperently, the show wasn't on this week though. Hmm.

My day was pretty non-stop. I had been planning on meditating, taking a hot bath, and writing in my diary. Since it was Peace Day, I wanted to do peaceful things. And I went to the grocery store to buy Annie's Peace Pasta. But they don't sell it anymore!!!! *bursts into tears* T_T

Ooooh well. I got chopsticks and noodles instead. ;) One thing I did manage to do for Peace Day was to clean and vacuum my room. I wanted to make a peaceful space, since my room was a disaster before. I wish I could have done more, but a clean room is good. Can't complain. <3