Wednesday, June 30, 2010

here and there

im working on this custom drawing for Melissa at . i started it like 3 weeks ago.. i really can't wait to finish it though, and i know melissa can't wait either! *sorry to make you wait, melissa!!*
and here are a few random pics from my day.

thanks for stopping by! :]

another etsy update

i updated my etsy again. here's whats new! :)
Windsor the Teeny Tiny Owl

Cliff the Teeny Tiny Owl

Grand Canyon Necklace

Few and Far Between Necklace

Dusty Path Necklace

Island Chain Necklace

A Walk in the Moonlight Earrings

Relaxing Lavender Eye Mask - blue

Relaxing Lavender Eye Mask - purple

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the family business

today, my dad needed my help with some manual labor at one of his rental properties. i wasnt thrilled with this. but it wasnt all bad. one of the things i did was rip out old flooring in the bedroom closets and damaged areas on the floor, and lay down new flooring. what we put in was a peel + stick vinyl that looked like wood. kinda cheep-o, but i thought it looked really pretty, as long as you be careful to not destroy it. that part of the day almost felt like crafting. imagine big woodgrain stickers that fit like a puzzle. sorta fun, except the house was kinda filthy. needs cleaning and painting. ill let mom do that part..

oh, and tearing out the old flooring, we found 47 cents! :) along with two mismatched earrings, a jelly bean, popcorn, and a melted grape now & later.

Monday, June 28, 2010

::: want. :::

proving my hypothesis that i fall in love entirely too easy, i would like to introduce Minwoo! i saw a picture of him on weheartit and my heart screamed a little. like, a lot, actually.

"please God, send me this one. and then make sure i don't screw things up. Amen."

Sunday, June 27, 2010


i recently bought a sewing pattern and some cute owl fabric at hobby lobby. im planning on making pj pants. see, i love pretty prints, but i dont know how to sew. so i figured jammie pants are something you can never have too many of, and you can make a pair in every crazy, bright, bold pattern. and hopefully, they will be an easy project to learn.

check out these beauties from anthropologie. mmmm..

but before i can break out the sewing machine, i need to go draw. <3

Saturday, June 26, 2010

and the winner is..

the winner
of the two prints
in this giveaway



Please email me your mailing information and i will put those prints in the mail monday morning!
angiemayhandmade [at] yahoo [dot] com

i would also like to give a big ol' thank you to everyone who participated and to all of the people who chose to follow me. thank you so much!! :)    expect more giveaways in the near future!

Friday, June 25, 2010

bargain, bargain, bargain, SPLURGE!

 i went to the mall with my bff, amber, yesterday. i got some great bargains!

cream lace tank - wet seal $17.50   $11.99
sunglasses - new york & co.  $14.99   $5.99
grey lace top w/ bow - wet seal  $17.99   $11.99
white snake print leggings - new york & co.  $19.95  $5.99
blue/white floral bandeau $9.50  $4.95
rose halter dress - elder beerman  $36.00  $19.99
grey rose leggings - wet seal $14.50  $9.99  $0.01 (bogo for 1 cent)
white lacy cami - wet seal $7.50   $4.99   $0.01 (bogo for 1 cent)
        total: ~$60
here's closeups of some things

wait, am i forgetting something..??


over the years, ive come to accept and embrace the fact that im not stacked like a a barbie doll. when i was younger, i used to think that no boy would ever like me because im a little on the tiny side upstairs. i remember the day i came home jumping up and down with excitement because i had fit into a B-cup rather than an A-cup. that was freshman year of high school. im older and wiser now, about the body-image things, but i was still wearing cheap, uncomfortable B-cup bras from target.

at the mall, my friend and i wandered into Victoria's Secret - a store i very rarely shop at, since im kind of a frugalista. but i was pretty fed up with my crappy bras. they were gapping really bad in front and riding up in the back, problems i'd had for years. so i asked a worker there for advice.

she said it may just be the "shape of my breasts."
"like.. flat and saggy..?"
"..well, yeah.."
"great.."   *i dont like this lady, just for the record*
she measured me and told me i was a 32A: the bra i had worn when i was in 20 pounds lighter, and in the 6th grade. i was bummed, needless to say. she brought me over to the fitting room, to another worker, who measured me again. she took me back and gave me a 32A to try on, and like i suspacted, it was entirely too small. i saw her reaching for some 34Cs to give me, and i was like, wait, wait, im in a B now and its gapping, how would going UP a size fix that?

but it did. oh it did. i, miss angie may, with suzanne of victoria's secret as my witness, am a proud 34C.

i bought 2 bras, costing me almost $100 together. but its so worth it. unbelievably comfortable. perfect. they fit like a glove. like a boob glove. :]

and i danced around my room last night at 1 am in my undies and new bra, singing, "i'll never buy a crappy bra again! never ever ever! hahaha!* happy.

etsy update

dont forget to enter this givaway! giveaway ends tomorrow at 6pm EST.

here are some new things / relisted things in my etsy shop. check it out! :)

more is coming! :)

oh! and i want to give a big thank thank you to all of you following my blog! i reached 20 followers today! yaaay! *breaks out the party hats and noise makers* thanks, everyone! :-D

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cute custom coat hangers

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here's a little craft i did last night. this one is great if you have a) a lot of odd balls of yarn, b) lots of ugly wire hangers in your closet, and c) a lot of free time. this one is great to do while watching evening tv.

this is based on a craft from Elsie and L.A.'s Style School, with some modifications.

what you will need:
  • wire coat hanger
  • yarn, any colors you want
  • tape
  • flexible wire
  • scissors
  • wire cutters

step one: cute the wire as long as you want. i made mine about 14 inches, but you may want to adjust that, depending on what shape you want to bend it into. then double it over for strength. you may also want to twist it slightly to hold the strands together.

step 2: bend the wire into a fun shape right in the middle, but make sure it has little legs, a few inches long. wrap the legs around the hanger to secure. i chose a heart, since its an easy one. but you can try anything. and you dont need to put it right in the middle either. get creative! :]

step 3: wrap take around legs to secure it a little better to the hanger.

 step 4: wrap a little piece of fabric around the point of the hanger, so it doesn't scratch you. i recommend using a fabric that matches your yarn. i used tan, since i didnt have gray.

step 5: tie the yarn in a knot and wrap wrap wrap! wrap around the knot itself to hide any little strings. i cut my yarn segments in lengths of 3 or 4 feet. next time, i'll cute my lengths a little shorter, so i can make smaller stripes.

when switching colors, i tied and then taped down the edges so this little craft doesn't get out of control.

and you're done! :) i would loove to do this to all my hangers.. they're cute and colorful, and your clothes won't slip off as easy as normal wire hangers. if anyone does this at home, send me pics! :)

oh those summer days

i made a little headband and i thought it was cute so i took some photos. ill be making more and listing them on etsy soon!

and i saw this little guy out my bedroom window. isnt he adorable! he lives in my yard and helps himself to the birdfeeder.

dont forget to enter my givaway! click here and leave a comment in that post! its that easy! just a reminder: im giving away these two prints in honor of father's day: