Thursday, May 27, 2010

pinwheels, doctors, and thread

yesterday i woke up with my whole right arm numb and week, like i had slept on it funny- but that feeling didnt go away, so today i stayed home from school to go to the doctor. she basically told me i overstretched something in my arm while sleeping, but ill be back to normal soon- which i figured, but i wanted to make sure i didnt have carpel tunnel or anything.

after i got home, by bestie, Amber, came over and helped me make pinwheels to give out at the street fair. im hoping they will 1) attract attention to my booth, and 2) bring in some traffic to the blog and the etsy, since i printed the web address for each on the pinwheels. Amber helped me out by taking the pinwheel supplies home and she's going to do some for me in her free time, which is a HUGE help, being that i only have two weeks to get everything ready for the fair.

after dinner, i broke out the old singer and started sewing away on some fabric garland. (ill post more about that later)

today was a pretty productive day, even though skipping my drawing class put me even more behind on my drawing assignments.. oh well.. we'll see what happens..

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