Thursday, May 13, 2010

spring decorating- a little late

lately its been hard for me to get motivated to do stuff. like decorating. usually, id be all excited about it and usually i decorate for the changing seasons early (thats what happens when you work retail, and you always have next season's merchandise out now) anyway i was a little late with the spring decorating. i think i got in the mood to switch up the top of my craft cabinets (something ive been meaning to do for a while) after i went to meijer and saw these ADORABLE succulent plants! arent they cute?? ive been wanting succulents forever, since i was inspired by a picture in the anthropologie catalog for march, of a girl in a fancy cream dress tending to her houseplants. and i think i may go back and get some more cacti. they were pretty cute. (this one came from ikea for $3.99 like a year ago and the succulents from meijer were $2.25 and i bought 4) at school today, i walked by the greenhouse and saw cacti, and i squeeled out loud and ran up and basically pressed my face to the window. yeah, i think i have a crush on cacti.

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