Thursday, May 20, 2010

whole lotta' nuthin

im angie.
i like owls.
and that is your tidbit of the day.

in other news, i had my drawing class today where we were drawing exterior spaces- buildings and trees. im pretty happy with my drawing, but its not quit finished yet.. neither is the one i drew tuesday, or any of my drawings from last two weeks.. its homework (due in june) to get all of them done, but i just cant find the motivation. i dont want to spend any more time at school than i really have to. im too obsessed with etsy and the street fair right now. so let's all cross our fingers and hope i can find time to put my "need to"s before my "want to"s.

also, i got my kit in the mail from 365 today! :) the one i had won in the giveaway last week. love it love it love it! and i sold a pair of earrings on etsy today, and i've decided to give a little "mystery gift" to all the people who buy from me. :) just for the fun of it.

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