Friday, May 28, 2010

thank god it's FURiday

ok so im a total old cat lady. (a 21-year-old old cat lady)
for real though.
and i will find any excuse to obsess about how much i love cats. (and other animals for that matter, but whatever). anyway, insired by 4-chan's "caturday", i think ill be doing some FURiday cat-related posts.. already posted one.. here. have another.

scrapbook time!
"pretty lady" page features my girl cat, Gemini, and embellishments i won from threesixfive, and the "man of the house" page features my boy cat, Orion, and embellishments from Love, Elsie; elsie flannigan's scrapbook line from a few years ago, before she opened RVA.

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