Sunday, May 9, 2010

this morning i woke up to some good news: someone had bought a necklace from me on my etsy . so yeah. that was awesome! :]

i didnt do much with my mom today - we just had breakfast together. i bought her a pair of earth freindly simple shoes for mother's day. my sister got her these cute cute gerber daisies.

my best friend, amber, gave me a bunch of her jewelry because she has recently developed an allergy to the metal. i went to meijer to get myself some houseplants but they ended up being too expensive. right now im pouring all my money into the etsy shop/ craft fair booth.

and now im gunna have dinner and start on my homework. i just hate how i have a whole long to-do list and no time. :( oh well. im sure ill find the time somehow.

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