Thursday, March 24, 2011

april showers raindrop curtain

last spring i saw the lovely handmade paper garlands and curtains by the etsy seller kategreiner. i was inspired to make my own april shower paper curtain back then, but never got around to it. reading a post on elsie's blog, a beautiful mess, about her shop decor, i was really inspired to get off my butt and make something.
sorry- these pictures arent the best. :-/ but i wanted to show you the process so you can make your own if you wish. this looks much better in real life. :-P

first i found some scrap papers. in this case i used a small pacsun bag and a few pages from a free people catalog. i chose a color palette of white, aqua, and seafoam green, and randomly brushed it on the papers. i wanted to make sure all my raondrops had the same colors to make them look cohesive.

while the papers were drying, i hung up the strings, spacing them about 4 inches apart. i used cotton yarn, but any yarn or thick sting works. i taped them upside down first, then went over them again with one long piece of tape. this gave it strength and made it look a little more clean. (uum.. i dont have trim around my windows yet.. we got a good deal on this house because it needed a lot of work.. the to-do-list is very slowly getting checked off..)

once the papers dry, fold and cut out little teardrops the way you cut out hearts for velentines- this ensures your ends all match up and stay clean-looking.

then all you have to do is glue them to the strings. i tried to spread them out pretty good at first, just in case i ran out of rain drops. but i ended up having a few extra and a full curtain of drops. :)

hehe i think its pretty cute :) a fun little springs craft that took less than an hour to make. awesome. :D

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  1. Wonderful! You saved my 4-H project with this post. Thanks for posting.