Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new ventures in the distance?

a few years ago, i started making jewelry and selling it with my friends. the only problem was, it took me something like a year to get the hang of it and make professional quality pieces, and then there was just too much competition on etsy for jewelry. i had good prices and (i think) a good product, but it was just too darn hard to make any money at it.

for a while now, ive been wanting to get into a business thats a little more unique; where my product can get noticed because theres less of us selling it, and hopefully my style can stand out. i want to draw and paint custom portraits for sale on etsy. i havent really started working on this yet, its just an idea so far. im a fine art major, and i would love to make a little money off my talents on the side before i graduate and look for a full time job.

here are some of my human and animal portraits. some ive done recently, some a few years ago. any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated. <3

the flamingo i painted just a couple days ago as a thank you gift for a friend. the blue tropical bird i drew yesterday because i had the day off. :] tell me what you think! do you think i can make any money off commissioned pieces on etsy?


  1. You could really make some money but it's all about the marketing, you know? I think out of all of them, the people are my favorite and are your best. Not that the animals aren't also great, but you seem to really capture a lot of feeling with your human subjects.

  2. ms. angie, these are so great! and i agree with rachel, you just need to network, promote yourself & your work and money will come :)

  3. These are absolutely incredible!! Honestly, I'm totally in awe, they're amazing! x x x