Thursday, March 24, 2011

instax skin

a few months ago, i bought a fuji instax from it came with a gift card for a free skin. i picked out a skin from the website and pretty soon it arrived at my door. the skin sat on my desk until just a few days ago, though. the problem was i wasnt sure if i wanted to put a skin on it. i liked it plain white. but the skin i picked out was cute. its a chicken in a peacock costume. ( - they have skins for everything too, even graphing calculators, for those of you in school) but the skin said it could be removed cleanly without residue, so i thought, eh, if i dont like it, ill just take it off.

i peeled the skin off the paper and stuck it to my camera. it fit like a glove! better than i expected. i had to cut a few places with scissors to get it to lay flat (around the lens and on one of the corners where it bulges out) but the places i cut slits arent noticeable and overall im happy with how it turned out. i think ill keep it. :)

this is how she looked all clean and white; not really sure which one i like more. theyre both cute in their own ways i guess.
what do you think?

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