Monday, March 28, 2011


just a simple post: let me know what it is you're thankful for right now. come on, don't be shy! no one will judge you. tell me. what are you thankful for?

right now im thankful for being a woman, even though it has its ups and downs. im thankful for good friends and good food, and getting to know some friends better. im thankful for the artistic talents God gave me and the drive to pursue art as my career. im thankful for my mom, who may be a just a litttle (a lot) spacey sometimes, but she raised me in a good home, with my dad who sacrifices everything for his family. im thankful for my cat whos snuggly and soft and cuter than all the other cats on the internet by far. ;) im thankful for food to eat and a home to live in and all the luxuries that i indulge in every day, because i know some people dont have one bathroom in their house, let alone three. im thankful for my job and a boss whos understanding when i need to make changes in the schedule. im thankful that God gave me a work ethic where i actually want to do my best. im thankful for having the insight to see situations in a different way and learn from my mistakes. i know God has big plans for me and my life and i cant wait to see what He has in store for me. <3

also im thankful for nutella on a warm piece of white toast.


  1. Aw, Angie, this is a fantastic post! I completely agree with many of your gratitudes. It's so important to pause and think of how lucky we are. I'll end with a few of my lighthearted gratitudes: dancing without inhibition, cooking adventures, and accidental jokes.

  2. Thanks for sharing! It is so good to do appreciations every so often. I am thankful for family, old friendships becoming stronger, new friendships being developed, my dog for being my companion, and the farmer's market opening next Thursday!