Wednesday, June 23, 2010

cute custom coat hangers

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here's a little craft i did last night. this one is great if you have a) a lot of odd balls of yarn, b) lots of ugly wire hangers in your closet, and c) a lot of free time. this one is great to do while watching evening tv.

this is based on a craft from Elsie and L.A.'s Style School, with some modifications.

what you will need:
  • wire coat hanger
  • yarn, any colors you want
  • tape
  • flexible wire
  • scissors
  • wire cutters

step one: cute the wire as long as you want. i made mine about 14 inches, but you may want to adjust that, depending on what shape you want to bend it into. then double it over for strength. you may also want to twist it slightly to hold the strands together.

step 2: bend the wire into a fun shape right in the middle, but make sure it has little legs, a few inches long. wrap the legs around the hanger to secure. i chose a heart, since its an easy one. but you can try anything. and you dont need to put it right in the middle either. get creative! :]

step 3: wrap take around legs to secure it a little better to the hanger.

 step 4: wrap a little piece of fabric around the point of the hanger, so it doesn't scratch you. i recommend using a fabric that matches your yarn. i used tan, since i didnt have gray.

step 5: tie the yarn in a knot and wrap wrap wrap! wrap around the knot itself to hide any little strings. i cut my yarn segments in lengths of 3 or 4 feet. next time, i'll cute my lengths a little shorter, so i can make smaller stripes.

when switching colors, i tied and then taped down the edges so this little craft doesn't get out of control.

and you're done! :) i would loove to do this to all my hangers.. they're cute and colorful, and your clothes won't slip off as easy as normal wire hangers. if anyone does this at home, send me pics! :)