Thursday, June 3, 2010

on the hunt

when i moved into my current house, a year and a half ago, i had the idea to decorate my room with india-inspired details. i had the orange, embroidered meditation pillows, and i bought some blue striped satiny curtains. i had some other little do-dads and things but it didnt take long for me to change my mind with that whole thing. now my room doesnt really have a theme- its just whatever i like- but i still have the curtains up, and i dont like em. after months of searching, i found THESE! (in white) they make me drool. but theyre a little out of my price range. :( im scouring the internet looking for something comparable and less expensive. im sure there has to be something out there for me. or i could make them? maybe? anyone know a shop or a sewing pattern for me?

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