Thursday, June 17, 2010

not eating meat, and loving it

my whole life, ive had a real soft spot for animals. like really. understatement.
so it was always hard for me to understand why in our culture, eating cute fuzzy cats, or dogs, or cockatoos is unacceptable, but eating cute fuzzy cows, or piggies, or chickens is acceptable? and expected? never got that. i remember being in 1st or 2nd grade, in the cafeteria at school, and saying, "you know, i reeeally love animals, but i just dont think i could live without pepperoni or salami."

in 7th grade, i decided to live without pepperoni and salami. and without hot dogs, or burgers, or steak. (ive actually never had steak) for a few years, i kept eating chicken and turkey, only because, well, living in the country in the state of ohio, theres not much else to eat besides salad and grilled cheese. but two years ago, i cut that out too. animals are my friends, and i didnt want to be responsible for any pain or suffering brought upon them.

heres some good news:

now i dont have to live without it anymore.

enter: morningstar farms

morningstar farms sells meat. except its not meat, its veggies. but it looks, and smells, and tastes like meat. my cat even liked it. ive tried most of the products morning star farms sells. i litterally eat them every day. i love meat. i love it. i missed it. and now i dont have to. morningstar farms makes everything from bacon, to burgers, to buffalo wings. and they are AMAZING! i cant sing their praises enough. and ill be honest, the texture isnt spot-on; its a tad more crumbly. but the flavor is perfect, for just about everything ive tried. (the hot dogs arent my favorite, but the corn dogs are mind-blowing)

i think my favorite is the buffalo wings. and the grilled chicken. and the sausage links. if you have ever wanted to cut back on meat, for the animals sake, your healths sake, or the planet's sake, try morningstar farms. here are a few recipes from their site:

and just so you know, im not, like, stuck up about this subject. i only  have 1 other veg friend, and 1 veg acquaintance. i dont tell people what to eat, i dont lecture them. (you catch more flies with honey) i dont even get upset when people (who dont know im veg) talk bad about vegetarians. im just sayin, dont hate.

i write this post for the sole purpose of testifying that: MORNINGSTAR FARMS IS GREAT!


  1. That's awesome! I am vegetarian too...except I do still eat fish and seafood so I don't really know what to call myself fishatarian? I wonder if Morningstar farms is in Canada? I'll have to look for it. What is your favorite? The buffalo wings look amazing!

  2. you're a pescatarian if you are veg + fish. (i saw it in a magazine a couple days ago)

    theyre all in the freezer section at the grocery store. i love the soy buffalo wings dipped in ranch dressing. theyre super spicy! and they have one called "chick'n grillers" thats like grilled chicken breast, and it actually tastes like juicy grilled meat. its awesome. lol i really like them all. (except the hot dogs and the asain varieties- they taste a little more like soy than meat) if you arent used to it, try it with something on it first (ketchup, bbq sauce, ranch ect) but really, i feel like im not missing out on meat anymore. its great. lol

  3. I agree they are wonderful!!! Great post! Love it! -katie