Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the family business

today, my dad needed my help with some manual labor at one of his rental properties. i wasnt thrilled with this. but it wasnt all bad. one of the things i did was rip out old flooring in the bedroom closets and damaged areas on the floor, and lay down new flooring. what we put in was a peel + stick vinyl that looked like wood. kinda cheep-o, but i thought it looked really pretty, as long as you be careful to not destroy it. that part of the day almost felt like crafting. imagine big woodgrain stickers that fit like a puzzle. sorta fun, except the house was kinda filthy. needs cleaning and painting. ill let mom do that part..

oh, and tearing out the old flooring, we found 47 cents! :) along with two mismatched earrings, a jelly bean, popcorn, and a melted grape now & later.

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  1. Ooh, I really like the photo with the hammer -- it looks quite arty! Sounds like helping your dad on this was quite an adventure. Your list of things found was pretty entertaining.