Saturday, June 12, 2010

rain rain, seriously, GO AWAY!


ive been working my butt off the past 3 months or so, and spending every dime i made on this street fair (supplies, table clothes, etc.) and the whole thing was a bust.. it rained all day, until about 4, leaving about 1 hour of real business. i spent $85 on the booth rental, and made $130, so i made $45. not counting the hundreds of dollars ive spent on supplies... anyway, i hate to be negative. im not mad about all this, im just a little let down. i was really looking forward to a successful day at the street fair.. oh well. ill try again in october. im not a quitter when its something i love.

you can see, the front of our tables are SOAKED. i had to move everything up about 3 feet for the first few hours of the fair.

we were so desperate, by 4:00 we were selling our soap and candles for buy one get one free- just to sell something. that would be two bars of soap for $3... yeah. and two candles for $6ish.

but like i said, im an optimist, soo im not TOO broken up about the whole thing. not the end of the world.

in other news, the boy in the booth next to me was extremely cute. i think ive seen him at the buddhist temple. hes thai, and i dont know anything about him, except that hes a very very handsome boy. i didnt talk to him, although i kinda wanted to. i just dont really have the confidence. i say stupid things to people who im NOT smitten with, soo yeah i can only imagine what dumb crap id say. plus, i like being single and free right now- i dont want the hassle of romance and heartbreak. *i know, i know, thats no kind of attitude* aanyway, my point is, cute boy. i like him.


  1. How frustrating...I think you were very inventive covering the sides of your gazebo with plastic..A clever move. Sounds like you are taking the whole experience in your stride.
    If it makes you feel any better I did a craft show at a garden nursery once..I had spend weeks making stock only to sell nothing!!! What I didn't know was that it hadn't been advertise (I found that out after) so no one knew we were even disappointing.
    Although you might not have made huge sales, you've been seen and you never know, you might get some repeat business in the coming weeks.

  2. i hope so. yeah i did a church bazaar a couple years ago and only sold one thing, at the end of the day, while i was in the restroom. lol i think it was my frinds/boothmates feeling sorry for me and wanting to cheer me up by telling me i sold something.

  3. I really like your animals, especially the owls! So cute.