Saturday, June 5, 2010

dream it; do it

lets make a long story short here.. when i was 15, i started dating this guy. at first we were really happy, but after a year or so things turned sour. i stayed with him though, for years after that, even though i was miserable. (thats a story for another day) but when we broke up last fall, i finally had a little time to live my own life- to find out who I am. and now that im single, i have some time to really reach for my own goals. lately ive really been all about "making it happen." as in- dont just sit on your butt and wish for this and that- go do it! here are some things that im looking forward to discovering for myself

1) learning how to sew
2) learning how to cook
3) reading more books
4) making my etsy successful

these are just a few things- the things that im planning on working on as soon as the street fair is over with (right now, that is my number one goal).


  1. Good luck with your list! and your street fair!!

    We just had our first table at a fair and it was a lot of fun and all the positive feedback was very motivating!

  2. oh thank you! :) i just hope it doesnt rain! *crossing my fingers*