Thursday, June 3, 2010

trees, grass, books, and the future

today in my drawing class we went out to an area by the woods that i didnt know existed. it was so super pretty, that i really want to go back. next time i think ill bring a bunch of blankets so i can stretch out, and my book, Eat Pray Love. i never liked reading in the past- i thought it was a waste of time, like video games- but for christmas last year a good friend gave me a book about an owl and i loved it. i had never read a book for mysef before, i mean, not a book for school. today at target i walked through the book section and wanted one of everything. but i decided to wait until i finish Eat Pray Love before i buy another. there are 2 points to this rambling story of mine: 1) i cant wait to go read in this pretty patch of trees, 2) i've changed a lot in the past few months. im starting to find out who i am and what im all about. im also starting to live the life ive wanted. yay. :)

oh, and in class, i sat next to a groundhog hole. he came out and saw us and made this ear-splitting whistle. it was cool. :] but i felt bad that i didnt have any snacks to leave him.

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  1. I can't imagine life without books...they transport you to a whole new world. Don't worry about reading what other people think is important or noteworthy. Find an author or style you love to read and stick with it. When I find a book I truly love, spending an hour reading before bed every night is like a mini-vacation.