Friday, June 25, 2010

bargain, bargain, bargain, SPLURGE!

 i went to the mall with my bff, amber, yesterday. i got some great bargains!

cream lace tank - wet seal $17.50   $11.99
sunglasses - new york & co.  $14.99   $5.99
grey lace top w/ bow - wet seal  $17.99   $11.99
white snake print leggings - new york & co.  $19.95  $5.99
blue/white floral bandeau $9.50  $4.95
rose halter dress - elder beerman  $36.00  $19.99
grey rose leggings - wet seal $14.50  $9.99  $0.01 (bogo for 1 cent)
white lacy cami - wet seal $7.50   $4.99   $0.01 (bogo for 1 cent)
        total: ~$60
here's closeups of some things

wait, am i forgetting something..??


over the years, ive come to accept and embrace the fact that im not stacked like a a barbie doll. when i was younger, i used to think that no boy would ever like me because im a little on the tiny side upstairs. i remember the day i came home jumping up and down with excitement because i had fit into a B-cup rather than an A-cup. that was freshman year of high school. im older and wiser now, about the body-image things, but i was still wearing cheap, uncomfortable B-cup bras from target.

at the mall, my friend and i wandered into Victoria's Secret - a store i very rarely shop at, since im kind of a frugalista. but i was pretty fed up with my crappy bras. they were gapping really bad in front and riding up in the back, problems i'd had for years. so i asked a worker there for advice.

she said it may just be the "shape of my breasts."
"like.. flat and saggy..?"
"..well, yeah.."
"great.."   *i dont like this lady, just for the record*
she measured me and told me i was a 32A: the bra i had worn when i was in 20 pounds lighter, and in the 6th grade. i was bummed, needless to say. she brought me over to the fitting room, to another worker, who measured me again. she took me back and gave me a 32A to try on, and like i suspacted, it was entirely too small. i saw her reaching for some 34Cs to give me, and i was like, wait, wait, im in a B now and its gapping, how would going UP a size fix that?

but it did. oh it did. i, miss angie may, with suzanne of victoria's secret as my witness, am a proud 34C.

i bought 2 bras, costing me almost $100 together. but its so worth it. unbelievably comfortable. perfect. they fit like a glove. like a boob glove. :]

and i danced around my room last night at 1 am in my undies and new bra, singing, "i'll never buy a crappy bra again! never ever ever! hahaha!* happy.

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  1. Oh wow, what great finds! I especially love that dress.