Friday, October 8, 2010

diaries to die for

a few days ago i mentioned the website, the site where i bought a pink korean/english label maker. *can not wait for that to come in the mail!!!* what really made me fall for this website was the adorable collection of diaries. they're cute on the outside, but even cuter on the inside. they fill all the pages with cutesy little words and pictures, and set up the photos with unrealistic but painfully beautiful props. *yeah right, like i would ever have a full and exciting schedule. like i would ever randomly lay out a pencil, a sticker, and a leaf next to my diary at a coffee shop. i dont even GO to coffee shops, and if i did, i think i'd be way to self conscious to bring my dairy there.*

anyway, my point is, i look at these photos, and say, "It's so beautiful! I want that life!" and so i buy the diary. and life is the same. except now i have a diary.

advertising. don't you love it?

i don't mean to be a negative nancy. :-P i'm just kind of poking fun at reality. it's how i roll.
look how pretty these are, and tell me you're not inspired to change your lifestyle. ;)

gorgeous right? *swoon* some of these diaries are so clever too. i saw one that had a little place on the corner of the pages where is has little pictures of a cloud, a sun, a snowflake, etc. and you circle the one for the weather that day. so cute. and it had a little pair of dots for eyes and a little nose, and you either drew in a smile or a frown, depending on how your day was going. or a frown and arched eyebrows, if your day was particularly bad. hehe. :-P is anyone else drooling over these diaries or an i the only one? :]


  1. Those are pretty precious . . . especially the sweet little deer :)

  2. I'm such a sucker for a cute journal!!!