Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Free Tibet

Months ago, my friend Amber invited me to a cultural festival at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. She said it involved Tibetan Buddhist monks chanting and dancing. I'm totally into that kind of thing, so I said SURE!

note: taking photos was off-limits. These photos came from this site - but this is exactly the same as what we saw tonight. 

 The monks shared little pieces of their Tibetan culture with us- a culture that is disappearing fast, due to communist China moving in and taking over. So when you see the phrase, "Free Tibet," it means free them from oppressive Chinese rule. They want to be their own country and govern themselves, but China has other plans. And just FYI, I totally adore China, too. But I think it's sad what's happening to the Tibetans.

The Snow Lion dance was totally adorable. <3 I wanted to pet it. First it reminded me of The Neverending Story. Then it reminded me of Spudgy.

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