Sunday, October 10, 2010

keeping my hands and heart busy

Lately I've been kind of down. :( Just a little depressed. You may have even noticed I haven't been posting every day. The reason I've been sad is that the house that my family was planning on moving into for the last three months- well, the bank won't give us a loan to buy it, since the house is a "fixer-upper." Which breaks my heart. In my head, I've been feathering this new nest all summer, planning out paint colors, and furniture placement, and decor. And now the dream is crumbling before my eyes. We're gunna keep trying, seeing if there's any loopholes or anything, ANY way that we can get this house.

And off topic (but I'm getting somewhere with this) I blogged about my love of the diaries (and photo staging of the diaries) at And you may have noticed that I was being a little cynical about it. As much as I love (love love love love) these diaries and the photos of them, I thought they were a little unrealistic, at least for my life.

Well they really inspired me to make some changes. One of the major beliefs that has driven my life the past year or so is the idea that if there's something in your life that you aren't happy about, change it! I know I can't change the fact that the bank won't give us a loan, but letting out some of my creativity has really helped me feel less depressed. I've started an art journal because I was inspired by the diaries at atseoul.

And today I spent the ENTIRE day cleaning my room, rearranging all my little knick-knacks, and even my posters. I had been itching to decorate my "new room" for months, so I took that energy out on my current room. And it feels great.

I'm still disappointed about not getting my dream house. (although still hopeful that we can work something out) But I've been finding ways to change my life to be something better.

 this is the opening spread. kind of an "introductory" page. i made another page too, about my obsession with the korean soap opera Playful Kiss, but i'll post that one later.
 I have so much jewelry.. SO much. I went through it today and sorted out the things I wear VS the things I don't. I'm planning on listing the 4 pound shoebox full of unwanted jewelry on etsy as supplies for reconstruction. anyone interested?
and yes, i finaly posted my latest creation. this is kevin. he needs a home. he's now listed in my etsy shop, for anyone who's ever wanted a cute little owl buddy.  ;)


  1. Hi,

    I was looking through your blog, and I really like the style and themes you have here. I have an invitation for you to visit my art blog, and if you follow me, I will follow you... :)

    So what do you think?

    I hope to hear from you soon.


  2. mental decorating sounds like a hard thing to get out of your head. good luck! and i always think a new crafty project is the perfect way to keep hope alive :)

  3. Ooh! How much do you want for that shoe box?

  4. Angie, I hope you cheer up. Things happen for a reason (sorry if that sounds like a cliché), but maybe in the end you and your family are meant for a different house.

    I know how difficult it is to get your hopes up, wanting to decorate a certain way or do fun stuff to a new space. (Mine has been due to compromising with my man. Who knew a guy would actually have an opinion about decor??) Finding something new to work on, like your art journal, will definitely help it all feel better.

    I <3 Kevin. How cute he is!

  5. Aw, sorry to hear that you've been going through a rough patch!! It's inspiring to read that you took action and re-organized your life -- that is definitely a great way to get a new start.