Monday, October 4, 2010

this seems to be working..

I've figured out how to get finally tackle my ever-growing, never-shrinking To-Do List. The key: Baby steps. Each day I've decided to tackle one thing. That way it doesn't get so overwhelming. Even if I don't feel like doing anything off the list, I tell myself, "Just DO it. It won't even take that long!" I tried this approach every day last week and it really seemed to work for me. Among the things I FINALLY got accomplished were listing some things in my etsy shop, writing back my Dear Darlings Pen Pals, making some new clay owls and painting them, sewing a button back on a cardigan, and studying.

 can you even see him through all that clutter??
there he is!! :) isn't he cute?
I'm hoping to list this little guy on Etsy soon. I actually made 5 owls, but they all dried a little lopsided. Not sure why.. This is the sole survivor of the batch.

I'm planning of seeing Legend of the Guardians in 3D tomorrow with a friend. I'll let you know how it is. I've heard it contains "epic owl battles." Sounds *awesome!* lol 

Also, I have to admit something super dorky.. I'm totally addicted to the show Playful Kiss. It's a Korean TV series about this girl who lived with her dad, and their house collapses in an earthquake. They go to stay with an old friend of her dad's, and it turns her dad's friend is the father is her crush! Her crush who had publicly rejected her *in a really mean way* at school that day!! XD So now she's living with her crush and he's so mean to her but you know she still likes him and it's all like "omg does he like her back? Is he gunna kiss her?? Is he gunna kiss her?? Omg they came so close to kising but they didn't! AAAAH!"

.. .. *deep breath*.. OK, I have to regroup here.. I told you it was dorky!.. *I'm too old for this sort of thing..*
Seriously though, I LOVE it.. It's funny, sweet, romantic, and you know.. the star of the show, Seung Jo, is toooootally hot..  *sigh*And I so have a girl crush on the guy's mom, too. She's super cute. :]

If you're *ahem* into this sorta thing, like I am.. *embarrassed a little* you can watch it here.


  1. Hilarious! I was gonna ask where you were able to watch it--soooo funny! Sounds like a cute story. And that is seriously good advice about the to do list--I need to take the very same approach, I think, as I often get so overwhelmed and frustrated with my insane to do lists that I get nothing done! And your owl is adorable :)

  2. I've been wanting to see the owl movie so bad, but the past few weekends have been busy! It looks like such an awesome visual experience in 3-D!