Thursday, October 21, 2010

pretty pink pom pom

i made this! i used rachel's tutorial here. when i got my korean label maker in the mail, it was wrapped in cute pink tissue. i'v a very sentimental person, so i wanted to keep it, just because it was from my beloved korea. (which i've labeled "the K word" because i know i say it so much everyone's probably super-annoyed..) anyway, i folded it up and kept it with my craft stuff, along with some pink and gold tissue i got when i went to victoria's secret. the shades of pink don't quite match, but i decided to put them together anyway. it's hanging above my nightstand. <3

honestly, rachel's tutorial was so so so easy. you should totally try it. :)

and unrelated, but i thought it was cute: my cat, Orion, is NOT AT ALL affectionate- unless you're in the shower, or when he's on the kitchen table. then he won't leave you alone. not sure why this is. so today he sat and waited for me to get done showering, meowing his little stripey head off so i pet him with dripping-wet hands and he didn't mind. so i put a little water on him and he seemed to enjoy it. even later on, he jumped up on the sink to watch me wash my hands and i got him all wet again. i guess he likes it. weird.

 aaaaaw little wet sewer rat <3

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