Friday, October 1, 2010

September Spending

Ok, so a month ago I posted about how I was going to stop unnessesary spending through the month of September. I had wanted to save my money, and stop cluttering up my room. Well.. .. September's over and I bought myself a present! ^^

It's a label maker that prints both English and Korean words! AMAZING! And it's pink! I had to have it! :] 
It's from my new favorite shopping site, They sell all kinds of cute stationary and accessories. Such a cute place. Check it out!

Honesly though, I think I did a pretty good job on my September spending. The only unnessesary things I bought this months were: autumn spice votice candles, black and clear nail polish, 3 camis tops. I'm not counting art supplies or the optical mouse I bought, because I feel that that's an investment. I'm studying to be a fine artist with a concentration in illustration, so art supplies are kind of important. 
And I bought thing for other people; For my dad's birthday, I bought him an apple tree to plant at our new house, and my friend moved away to go to Ohio State University, so I got her a OSU hoodie and had all our friends sign it with farewell wishes. And I bought food.. A crap ton of food.
All in all though, I think I did a pretty good job with saving. I can't wait to get my new label maker!!! I'm gunna label e v e r y t h i n g . <3


  1. Good job! I'm kinda going thru this sort of thing myself. Only, I'm trying to keep a budget. Its gonna take some getting used to, because I just started this month. :)

    Congratulations and have fun with your label maker. Its super cute!!

  2. I am quite impressed with your lack of unnecessary spending, lady. I think I need to embrace that philosophy! I bought (ordered) two pairs of shoes just today--goodness gracious--it's so easy to just click click click and buy what you want!