Tuesday, October 12, 2010

my motto

i was inspired to start living my dream life when i heard the quote, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have." there was an aha moment. i thought, "hey! i don't have to envy the girls with the cute clothes and the successful lives, i can BE them!" my life changed after that.

i didn't sit on the sidelines of life anymore. if i saw something i wanted, i went for it.
"i wish i could tease my hair," became, "hey look! i just learned how to tease my hair!"
"i wish i had a blog," became, "hey look! i just made a blog!"
"i wish i were happy," became, "hey look how freaking happy i am!"

i had taken up the motto, "Live the live you want, not the life you have." But i recently revised this to a shorter version,

so i saw the gorgeous diaries at atseol.com and thought they were painfully beautiful. i was inspired to change things up a little. so i started this art journal, but since the front and back are both plain black, i have a hard time telling the front from the back upside-down.. but i fixed that now. :] gold vinyl stickers with my personal motto.

unrelated, i have a lot of short term things i need to be patient about.
  • hearing from another bank about a loan
  • my birthday in less than a month
  • babysitting tomorrow
  • mailman delivering my korean label-maker
  • new episode of playful kiss *this one's gunna be good!!* ;)
  • asian student association meeting at school *not asian. going anyway.*
  • dinner with a friend
  • meeting with my academic adviser
  • waiting for an email from my korean teacher - login problems *blugh*
waiting is soo haaaard!! :-P

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  1. Angie, your approach to life is so very inspiring!!