Thursday, September 30, 2010

This time last year

October is only 6 hours away. Part of me (most of me) is sad to see the warm weather go. (It's easy to look cute in tank tops, shorts, and sandals, but it's hard to be pretty when you're wearing several hoodies at the same time.. I get cold easy.) There's a part of me that's kind of excited about October coming. Fall really is a kind of magical time. The trees are so pretty, and there's pumpkins everywhere and cinnamon, and caramel apples. And October 11th is always a really exciting day for me, because it means ONLY ONE MORE MONTH UNTIL MY BIRTHDAY! YAAAAY! November babies out there give a *woot woot*! hehehe :) This is what I was doing last October. Let's see if this year lives up to the last.

 school was even more hectic last year
 breakin out the cold weather gear
 going costume shopping with some friends
 going pumpkin shopping with a good friend
 selling jewelry at the Mum Festival
 my cats are very predictable.
 dino-lantern! didn't look very good when lit though..
 pretty leaves
 hayride/ pumpkin patch with my girl
 hot air balloon over my house
 sitting in the grass between classes
 spooky cookies
 gemmi didn't like her dino costume
 ori didn't either but i put it on him anyway
 i went as a cowgirl to work. hooray for $5 costumes!
carving time!

I wonder what October 2010 will be like?


  1. Oh My Gosh! I love when cats are being all curious about things! :) They're so funny to me! And that dino pumpkin is freaking awesome!!!

  2. I feel the opposite about summer clothing. I HATE shorts and tank tops because I'm too self-conscious. I LOVE when it starts to get colder and I can bundle up in lots of layers! I love my pea coat and boots too! :)

  3. Your fall retrospective is so very fun!!