Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i'm sick. i have affluenza.

No, not influenza. I have affluenza. Defined as : affluenza, n. a painful, contagious, socially transmitted condition of overload, debt, anxiety and waste resulting from the dogged pursuit of more.

I have too much stuff. Too many clothes, too many craft supplies, too much jewelry, too much junk.  My room is looking cluttered and my closet is so stuffed. And my wallet - is - empty.

I'm giving myself a challenge. The whole month of September, I'm not going to buy any more stuff.
No more clothes.
No more trinkets.
No more candles.
No more whatever.
I mean, I'm sure there will still be things that I'll need to get, like toiletries and whatnot. And if a friend invites me out I can't turn 'em down. But I need to be frugal.

I want to save up to go to Korea. 

Kind of a silly goal, I think, being that I'm too scared to drive to the mall by myself, but for some reason, I'm so in love with Korea, I think I'll have the courage to actually do it. Like when I was in 8th grade and my dad and I went to Minnesota. At the time I was soo obsessed with Minnesota (because Josh Hartnett lived there.. yeah. .. .). We got a hotel room with a view of a parking lot and the roof of some restaurant. But I opened up those curtains and was so overwhelmed with joy. I was in Minnesota!! And the parking lot/roof view was breathtaking to me. <3

Yeah, I think Korea's gunna be like that.

So for the next month, I'm going to confess everything I buy. Judge me harshly.

Not gunna lie though, this t-shirt from threadless makes me want to break this vow right now!  lol!
 HA! .. ooh goodness. :-P


  1. Haha, alluenza -- I like it, and also have boughts of it now and again. Cool idea to save up for Korea as incentive!

  2. I have had the same problem, and I'm about $10,000 in debt because of it. If you have credit cards already, CUT THEM UP! Our society is too focused on instant gratification.

    Here's a challenge that may help you save ca$h for Korea:
    I love this woman! http://dottieangel.blogspot.com/

  3. thanks brina! i'll check these links out right now.

  4. I have a crapload of stuff too! But I like having a ton of junk around me, I'm definitely not a minimalist lol Maybe you could sell some stuff?

  5. i have a similar problem. and a lot of medical bills now. very smart, i hope you can make your goal!! good luck :]