Wednesday, February 9, 2011

so january went like this:

for christmas last year i got myself a present; this little diary from it's layed out by week so you can write a paragraph or so every day, and it has places to keep track of your spending, journal how the hours of your day are broken down, keep lists of anything you want, sections of graph paper for free drawing, and some extra lined pages just in case you're feeling like getting some things off your chest.

one of my favorite features is the blank calendar pages before each month. if i do something cool in particular, i may write about it as well as do a little doodle on the calendar.

so january went like this:
  • started out crappy; my BF dumped me at my party because we were too different
  • i was depressed about it for a few days
  • started spending time with another cute boy and cheered up
  • busy spending lots of time with friends
  • working on abstracts in drawing class
  • boy drama (baaaagh)
  • spent time with my ex's little sister - she missed me :]
  • longing for spring
i love my diary. <3


  1. Adorable diary!!!! I am trying to prepare one for my time in Germany (my blog is going to be an onlive version of it!!;0). As for the boy drama...... I can totally feel you, but spending time with another cutie is refreshing!!!!!:)
    Hugs from Athens,

  2. That journal is pretty cool. I want one just like it. I especially need help keeping track of my spending.

    Boys are dumb, but eventually they grow up. Good to hear you cheered up about the break up and you're spending time with different people. Being with good friends always makes me feel better. :)