Friday, February 25, 2011

drawing portfolio

we had a portfolio review in my drawing class the other day. just wanted to share some of my drawings with you. :D

i was up all night finishing this drawing before portfolio review. national air force museum, dayton ohio.

and the rest are all self portraits.
 ink on watercolor paper

 paint markers on wood
 graphite, paint marker, ink, oil pastel. collage on paper

 graphite pencil

sharpie marker

i did this outside of class, just for fun. its my bathroom counter. chalk pastel on cardstalk.

this was for color class. we had to put together a mixed media collage with found objects. the red word on korean is "haengbok" and it means happy. i was having a bad day that day and wanted to cheer myself up. :)

and here are some new art supplies i bought myself as a little treat. :-P i couldnt get the ugly label off the pencil box so i covered it with woodgrain contact paper, cupcake stickers, and a sticker that says "i'm happy" in korean. and ive been wanting a brush holder so i can keep the bristles from fraying in my art supply bag. the ones in the art section were boring though, so i got this knitting needle case and i think it works pretty well! :D

well i hope you enjoyed looking at the drawings ive done in class. the only ones i left out were the nude studies from life and the gesture sketches. i dont think my gesture ones are very good, and the nudes are, you know, nude. so i thought id just skip that. :-P you're welcome.

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