Monday, February 14, 2011

to my lovely ladies

i've said it before, but i'll say it again: i don't have many girls in my life. i feel like ladies are much harder to get along with and form bonds with than guys. i can never tell what a girl is thinking, and i never know if she's being genuine or if she's just being polite. (guys are tricky too, but easier to figure out than girls)

with that said, i want to say that i really appreciate the few girls that i DO have in my life. you know who you are. <3 well yesterday i told you i baked cookies to deliver to my boys, but i wanted to so something for the girls too. so i sat in the library today and made these watercolor valentine cards! :D i think they turned out pretty cute. i havent got to give them to my girls yet though.. i got a little side-tracked and stayed too long delivering cookies to my BFF while he was at work at the hardware store. we were laughing at the names of paint colors and fighting over whether or not flat paint worked as a chalkboard paint. (that is an experiment you can look forward to me getting into later) but tomorrow, girls, you shall have your lovely valentines! :D

oh, and i would like to say that i LOVE this new spot i discovered in the library, by the way. on the 3rd floor, very quiet, soft chair and big table, right next to a heater vent! warmth at last!

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