Thursday, February 17, 2011

something i miss

if you've been reading my blog a while, you may remember that over the summer i was a bit obsessed with listening to KPOP, watching Kdramas, and learning the Korean language of Hangul. well since school started last fall, Hangul has been put on the backburner. but i miss it. i miss it like crazy. i just dont feel like i have time. im an art student, and every minute of the day that i dont spent either making art or looking at art, i feel like im doing something wrong. like i need to spend 25 hours a day submersed in creative thinking.

but the other day we had to do a collage in color theory class with found objects and i used bits of a korean newspaper that i had been hanging on to. i could pick out a few words here and there but i want to be able to really read it. like, fluently.

i was so obsessed with korean culture, that i effectively swore off spending for an entire month, just so i could save up to go to korea someday. (hasnt happened yet..) i tried to save up money this month, just for the sake of having money, and um.. its harder this time..

so i'm setting a goal. ill start off easy on myself and see what happens.
my goal is to spend one hour each week studying korean. 

yeah, that's a light goal, but trust me- its a lot better than the 0 hours a week im spending now.. and im trying to be realistic. if i can do more, GREAT! but i need to start small. so please please, keep me on track. ;)

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  1. I agree. Spending at least an hour each week is a good goal to learning a new language. I kick myself for having studied Spanish for YEARS and not being fluent. If I were, I could get a job working in the schools around town. That'd be nice. So maybe I should make a goal to study Spanish at least an hour a week, just like you! :)