Friday, February 4, 2011

no-cost handmade gift wrap tutorial

hello again! as promised, here is the tutorial for making FREE gift wrap! :)
i started with a paper shopping bag. my project was small so i only needed one.

the first step is to cut your paper bag the size you need it for the object you're wrapping. dont worry f the name of the store is on the bag, you can use that as the inside.

tape it down to your work surface. this not only keeps it from wrinkling as it gets wet, but it also helps keep paint off your work space. :) i like to be tidy.

 i was going for a springy pallet but i think it turned out a little 1992.. hmm.

 paint away! you can use any pattern you like. i chose stripes, but polka dots, stamps, anything really would work.
yay! cute AND free! can't beat that.

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