Saturday, February 12, 2011

be my valentine?

one of my very good guy friends was feeling down the other night. i made him this scratchboard drawing of a storm trooper that i was going to give him as a valentine's day gift, but since he wasn't having the best day, i decided to visit him at work and surprise him with it a little early. i think it cheered him up. :)

tomorrow im making valentine's cookies with a very special girl and ill be passing them out the the other boys in my life who i appreciate. i don't have "A Valentine" this year per say, but i want to let my guys know that i appreciate them in my life. even on days when they're kind of stinky or when they leave the toilet seat up.

i don't have many female friends i feel like i can be my real self more around the guys. i'll need to think of something extra special to do for the few lovely ladies in my life.


  1. how could a handmade storm trooper NOT make your day better?! i'm impressed.

  2. Ooooh was this the guy you were hoping would ask you to be his valentine?? If so, I hope you just ask HIM!