Wednesday, February 16, 2011

blogs that make me hate my life :)

im just kidding, just kidding, just kidding!.. kind of. ok, so i discovered these blogs and they're so beautiful it hurts. not gunna lie, i'm a little jealous of these artists. but instead of just sitting around and moping about how i'm not as awesome as they are, i should strive to be better. and that's what imma gunna do! :-P


she does a lot of watercolors and illustrations, especially of birds. her work is so beautiful and her studio is soo awesome.. holy cow. seriously, i want to be her.


it's no secret that i love elsie. to pieces. i've loved elsie since i saw her scrapbooking line, "LOVE, Elsie," like 4 years ago. srsly. she's so crafty and trendy and adorable i could just die. love her love her love her.

next off, MADE BY JOEL

dear joel, WHY YOU GODDA BE SO FREAKIN CREATIVE AND TALENTED AND AWESOME, HUH?? HUH???? you make my heart hurt with your awesomeness. such beautiful contemporary kid's toys and art. and a lot of them i can make at home. you disgust me with your genious-ness-es-esss. *deep breath* .. .. can i give you a hug? *note - he has a book coming out this fall- Made to Play- by Joel Hendriques. you should all buy it. i'm going to.*

Last but not least, SEBASTIAAN VAN DONINCK

i came across sebastiaan's blog the other day and couldn't help but be blown away by his talent. his illustrations are so whimsical and fun- even the one's with a darker feel are just so darn cute. i want to be an illustrator some day, so stuff like this really makes me drool and wish i was in his shoes already.

well i hope you liked my post! :D now excuse me while i go make some art that's inadequate in comparison! hahaaa!-aa-aaa-aaaa... *trails off* :]

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  1. I know that feeling you're talking about. Whenever I come across something that's just too cute, or creative, or just plain awesome, it makes my heart want to burst!

    Don't let it get you down, though. Comparing ourselves to others is dangerous. It can make you feel bad about yourself, when we have no reason. We're all awesome in our own ways. My fiancé told me the other day, that he thinks I'm better than some of the people I compare myself to, and its just lack of time that holds me back. So now I need to find a way to make more time for my creativity.

    I think you're pretty awesome, lady! I've seen your sketches. And I still love my little owls. ;)