Wednesday, February 9, 2011

if you can't decide, get one of everything!

as you may know, i LOVE to do online shopping at they have cute clothes, stationary, housewares, and toys. i was recently on the site looking to purchase washi tape, but i couldn't decide which ones to get! they're kind of expensive, at roughly $3-$10 a roll, so i needed to choose wisely. or so i thought. until i saw theeeese sampler packs!

i bought the pack of solids

and the pack of fabric paterns.

arent they fun??
they come in 27 sticker sheets of pre-cut tape pieces and circles. and they're $8 for all the sheets plus a convenient (and cute) tin to store them in.  they're coming from korea so it may be like 2 weeks until i get these bad boys in my mailbox, but when i do, oh boy! :D i'm so excited, seriously.

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  1. I LOVE washi tape, but totally agree that its too expensive. I bought a five pack at my local Asian bookstore. Only colors, though. I want some patterned tape, and those sets look great! I'm gonna have to start looking at that website. :)