Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Four Simple Goals

I've decided to take part in Elsie's Four Simple Goals (before 2011).
Soo here they are!

1) Learn enough of the Korean Language that I can understand some simple songs or books/articles. Another little sub-goal here is to go to a Korean restaurant and try to have a conversation with the waiter in Korean. *hehe*
Reward: I'll buy myself some shirts of Korean boybands that I like. *I am SUCH a dork!* :)

2) Learn to crochet and make a scarf. I can knit, but I can't crochet. I've been wanting to learn for years but I haven't gotten around to it.
Reward: buy myself a pair of boots that goes with my new crocheted scarf :)
3) Spend more time with my friends. And take pictures! I'm very much a home-body. I love to just stay home and veg out. But I SOO love my friends. I need to show it more- maybe by spending more time with them. <3
Reward: If I take fun pictures, I'll get some fun scrapbook supplies and scrap my pics!

4) Make stuff! I've really let my etsy go lately. I've been working a lot more over the summer since I'm not in school, and lately all my free time has gone towards watching Korean music videos and studying the language. I really want to get the artist side of me back. Drawing in my sketchbook, making hair clips and jewelry, soap and candles. I miss doing these things. There's a craft store down the street and I've been meaning to ask them about booth rental prices, but I haven't yet. There's another goal, right there.
Reward: If I'm successful, and make any money, I'll spend it on something fun from etsy. Not sure what, but something cool. ;)


  1. Angie, I just love your four goals!!! I know that you'll achieve them all -- I can't wait to read about your journey in doing so.

    Also, thanks again for your great Why I Love post. The comments that people have been leaving are such a delight to read, as everyone adores the post as much as I did, and you really inspired some folks!

  2. Fun goals! And I'm the opposite, I know how to crochet but I want to learn how to knit LOL :) It's funny that you mention that you just want to make stuff; I'm the same way. I love to be creative and make things but sometimes I have to force myself. It's like I like the idea and the final product that I have envisioned, but actually doing it is another story lol

  3. I love your goals! I thought about doing this challenge, too. Maybe I need some time to come up with good goals...

    I've been making a lot of stuff lately. I wish we had a craft store with booths in my area. Down in Southern Oregon (Grants Pass) there was "Savannah Faire". I always wanted to rent a booth. I'll have to try our Farmer's Market. :)