Monday, August 23, 2010

summer nights, staying in

i made something yesterday. this little owl. i think he's cute. :) i haven't put him on etsy yet because i haven't taken pictures of him (other than these). he's sitting on my korean folder. it says, "hangumal" which is korean for korean. (like how we call it "spanish" but they call it "espaƱol," you know? we call it "korean", they call it "hangumal.") anyway, i thought i'd share my newest owl, and a little sneek peek into what i spend every night doing...
eating snacks, studying korean, drinking wheat grass juice, and watching music videos on youtube. i'm up till 3 am most nights doing the same thing. and i love it. this is the best summer i've had since i was a little kid. i couldn't be happier with the way things are. well, things could always be better, but i can't complain!! =D
my friend alyssa made me this hello kitty cutout with her cricket machine. (i mentioned alyssa here- where she decorated some really awesome Tom's Shoes.) well, alyssa was on TV last night. if you watched the show bridezillas on WE at 9:00, you may have seen her. she was the maid of honor, and her friend alex was the bride(zilla). if you missed it, you can catch the second half next week. Sunday, WE network, 9:00. don't miss it! alyssa is a really good friend of mine. i've been working with her at hobby lobby for almost 4 years now. if you like, you can even check out her etsy! she makes REALLY cute resin jewelry.


  1. Your owl is so cute. I got some of that air dry clay and made some toadstool/mushrooms out of it. Just need to paint them now. :)

  2. Hooray for summers spent doing exactly what you please! I'm pretty bummed that school is starting up again for me soon, as this will put a damper on all the fun stuff. Glad to see your Korean study notebook, too!

  3. Eating snacks, studying korean, drinking wheat grass juice, and watching music videos on youtube till 3am sounds pretty awesome to me :D