Thursday, August 26, 2010


i got my surprise ball from the lovely Brina last night! :D it was so exciting! and i was fortunate enough to share the event with my bff, who had come over after work to go jogging with me. hence the bad photo. lol i was in a rush to photograph it and tear into it before it got dark outside. :]
it was soo much fun unwrapping this little pretty!! :-P Brina had put CUTE CUTE owl stickers all over the outside, and every so often, a little bit of pink butterfly confetti would sprinke out onto my lap and we would giggle uncontrollably. ^.^
such awesome stuff in here, for real! some super adorable handmade owl stuffies, red polka dot hair bows, a pink manicure set and fun glittery and pink nail polish, 2 cute rubber stamps, lip gloss that smells like peeeaches *mmm*, the cutest owl stickers I've ever seen in my life! and caaaandy! she gave me swedish fish here too, but i couldnt wait.. i gobbled them up before i could take the picture.. *blushes*

so freakin cute! these are soo my style.. i was actually looking at stamps the other day that looked a lot like these. so perfect!

pale pink is one of my fave colors. and of sparkly is too, if sparkly is a color! ;) hehe

every flat surface in my room will soon be owl-fabulous.. :) arent these just so cute you could die??

and these guys! nothing like the handmade touch to warm the heart. <3 i think owls are the mascot of team AWESOME. .. .. :]

thank you, Brina, for all my wonderful surprises! i love them all!


  1. I'm so glad you like your gifts! That is my favorite lip balm, and I shopped off the PETA vegetarian food list for the candy! Thanks for writing about your surprise! :)

  2. Yay!!!! What a wonderful surprise ball filled with very Angie goodies!!!

    (I'm thinking of doing a roundup of all the surprise ball posts in a few weeks, at Lydia's suggestion!)

  3. aaaw thats so thoughtful to look on the PETA list!! that makes it eeeven better. <3 thanks Brina!