Wednesday, August 11, 2010

i got an award! :)

Meredith over at Fashion Obsessed has given me the Versatile Blogger award! :)

When you get this award, you need to a) write 7 things about yourself, and b) give the award to 7 people who you think are versatile bloggers as well.
About me:
1) I'm one of those people who are cold all the time. I hate air conditioning.

2) I would love to have a pet skunk one day.
3) Right now I'm totally obsessed with Korean pop music.
4) I love to make jewelry, but I don't wear very much, myself. I have only a few necklaces and bracelets that I wear regularly.
5) I have a phobia of driving places that I'm not familiar. I really can't do it unless someone is in the car with me. Even then, I freak out. I hate this about myself.
6) I'm a vegetarian because I love animals sooo much. I want a pet chicken too.
7) When I was 15, I got sent to the Principal's office because the same teacher caught me and my boyfriend making out three times in on the same day. When I got back to class, my a-hole physics teacher teased me about it until I cried.

Enough about me! :-P Here are the 7 lovely bloggers who I think deserve the Versatile Blogger Award.
1) Kaylah at the Dainty Squid
2) Anna at Acquainted With the Night
3) Angela *nice name!*, Raquel, and Lindsay at seesaw *this one takes my breath away!*
4) Carrie at The Appleseed
5) Janel at Run with Scissors
6) Claire at Blah to TADA! (she's super versatile with her recycling crafts!)
7) Brina at Brina's Blog

go check them out!
just to mention a few of my other favorite blogs.. A Beautiful Mess, Smile and Wave, Design Sponge, Oh My Darling, Design is Mine, In Color Order, and Hello Dear Wind. Just to name a few.. :]

In other news, I was 10 days late registering my classes for fall quarter.. (i thought registration started on the 15th, not the first..) so needless to say, ALL THE CLASSES WERE FULL!.. I had to register for the bottom-of-the-barrel, oh-God-please-no-not-that, kind of classes.. like a drawing class at 8 in the morning that lasts until noon, and a class on the history of mideval Europe.. *kill me* lol  I'm going to keep checking back to see if there's any openings. Cause I'm really REALLY not looking forward to fall quarter. I'm all about learning new things, but I think this will be torture. gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh!!... this is gunna suuck.. :-P All I can do is laugh and shake my head.

Also, I just now overheard my mom is on the phone telling my dad, "Did you know that a spider is not an insect? And neither in an earthworm! An insect is something that has 6 legs. Did you know that, Larry? I learned something new today." ..I can only imagine my dad's response..


  1. Congrats on the award, and thanks for the blog shoutout! Also, your anecdote about your mom is funny.

  2. Thank you so much for mentioning me! You're so sweet!

    I also liked the story about your mom. Reminds me of mine! :)

  3. hurray!! congratulations!!! thats awesome!

  4. I kept trying to write about this on my blog, but it wouldn't post because blogger said my HTML was broken. ??? It may take me a few days to figure out. :(