Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spread the Love Week - Day Four

Day Four of Spread the Love Week has been pretty fun. I had a friend come over and we watched the movie "I Love You, Man," which is pretty hilarious.
At work, in honor of Spread the Love Week, my friend Alyssa gave me a couple really great mix CDs of Hanson. Yes, that Hanson. They're so much more than MMMBop! They're still playing music and they're petty great.

And she gave me this aaawesome friendship bracelet!! Look it has little hearts!! AA! So cute!
And! And and and! ... It glows in the dark! *squeels* My friends are the best. <3

Also, in honor of Spread the Love Week, I listed my Sarang heyo - ("I love you" in Korean) bracelets in my etsy shop. And they're Pay it Forwards. That means that they're only 20 cents. They're not listed to make money, just to Spread the Love.

And I wanted to say that lately the news has been making me sad. I've been hearing a lot about people committing hate crimes against other people based on their religion. That breaks my heart.

LOVE THY NEIGHBOR. Despite the color of his skin. Or the culture he was born into. Or who he prays or doesn't pray to. Or what he wears or what country he lives in. We're all in this together. Let's hug it out.


  1. Oh man, what a post of awesomeness -- I've seen and loved I Love You Man at least 5 times (several times in theaters, even, which I never do), and Hanson was my absolute favorite in the 6th grade! Pretty much the only time I call or text my middle school best friend (or vice versa) is when a Hanson brother has another child. It's super cool of you to list "pay it forward" items -- I'd never heard of that before!

    And I love the message you share at the end of this post!

  2. My fiancé and I LOVE "I Love You, Man"! I always end up quoting it to the point where it becomes annoying and he has to tell me to stop! :)

    Your bracelets are so sweet. I need to do a "Pay It Forward".

  3. My step brother in law is or was on tour with hanson playing brass!


  4. i love that you like them, angie. this makes me happy.

    not only do they keep making great music(that they produce, write, all that fun stuff, on their own label, (since they broke away from their major label because they wouldnt let them do what they wanted.)) that is fun to dance to and fun to sing out loud in the car to, they are also doing lots of things to help fight aids, build schools, and drill clean water wells in africa. annnd they help TOMS shoes out by promoting them and TOMS sponsors the walks they take before concerts and what not, and for every person that registers at the walks they themselves donate $1.

    there are countless things they do for charities, and yes i know a lot of celebrities do things for charities, but hanson gets the fans involved a lot more than others. its nice to see that they do all of their music stuff on their own and still have time for all of the charity stuff they do...

    and their concerts are amazingly great cause their energy and the crowds energy is beyond amazing. ive never experienced anything like it at all of the other countless shows ive been to in my life...

    sorry im ranting about hanson....i really love them obviously. i think others should know about all the great things they do as well. :] :]