Monday, August 9, 2010

A fresh new notebook and an iPod full of K-POP

When I start something new, I like to have a clean slate. It gets me pumped for the journey ahead- especially when I know that journey won't always be easy. Like when I want to start running regularly, I go buy a new pair of running shoes, or when I start a big painting project, I might buy a nice new paintbrush. Lately, I've been interested in South Korean culture, since I discovered a new love  obsession for Korean pop music. I saw an ad for free online Korean language classes being offered here. Since they're free, I thought, hey, why not?? And I signed up. I know myself though, and I have a tendency to slack off, so to make it more fun, I went to Target and bought a new notebook *pure joy!!* and new pens, in awesome colors! *eee!*
The notebook is totally awesome. It's eco-friendly (recycled paper and banana fibers) and the pages have that cool unbleached feel, with little flecks on the natural fibers. I love it. The front and back covers have a pocket for all my print-outs. And at the top of every page, it has a little calender thing where you circle the month and the day. And did I mention the green OWL?! Love.

This is my favorite phrase. It's pronounced "sa-raung heyo" and it means I LOVE YOU. Pretty awesome, right? I wish I could be this motivated for actual school...

Today while laying out back and listening to Super Juniors's song, "Sorry Sorry," on my iPod, I noticed there were Korean characters in parentheses in the song title. I tried my hand at diciphering them.

"Sssss...aaah..r..eee..  .. .. ss-ah-r-eee.. .. sareee.. .. !! OH! SORRY SORRY!! I CAN READ KOREAN!" And I laughed hysterically and danced around my backyard in my bikini.

This is the video for the aforementioned song. :] Its pretty freakin awesome. For realz. Watch it.

And the have a version of the video that's just the dance. I am 100% going to do this with my bridal party at my wedding reception one day.. You know, instead of the Thriller Dance. <3


  1. LOVE that notebook. So cute! Now I want to go to Target. *sigh*

    Its so admirable that you're teaching yourself Korean. (I tried to teach myself Arabic once. I only gave up because of the writing.)

    Good luck!

  2. OMG! I am in LOVE with that notebook. I am so sad that my "not buying anything new" challenge for the year means I can't buy it. I saw the small pack at Target, and it took all my powers to not buy it. Love the one with graph paper!

    charmed earth

  3. Hooray for the owl, and hooray for your fun new language adventure!

  4. That notebook is simply adorable! I also love starting fresh and arming yourself for new endeavors! And any reason is a good reason to buy a new notebook :) Awesome that you are learining Korean! Go you!