Monday, August 30, 2010

Spread the Love Week - Day Three

Sometimes I'm just amazed at how things work out. I think sometimes God sends us little challenges as a friendly way of messing with us. All you can do is laugh about it sometimes.

At the risk of being a little too personal, I'll tell you a little story. About a year ago, a very close friend of mine moved into a bigger house, while my family had recently moved into a smaller one. I loaned him some furniture, since he needed it and I didn't. After a few months, this guy and I had a falling out, and we stopped speaking to each other.

Well last night his room mate texts me saying they are moving into a smaller place, while this time my family is moving into a bigger place! (still waiting on the bank to accept the offer, but we're pretty confident..) He told me no one would be home tomorrow (today), and I could come pick up my furniture any time. (They had made me a spare key back when him and I were close. )

So here I am, standing in the house of "the boy who done me wrong," all alone. I could have done anything mean and nasty. For months I've been mad at this guy and kind of hoping the timing would work out so I could have the opportunity to give him what he deserves.

But I didn't. It's Spread the Love Week.
When I got home I texted him. "Hey. Thanks for taking good care of my kitchen table. It means a lot to me.  Sorry I was a bitch to you." And I think I have closure on that now.

On a less personal, just for fun note, I made some CDs for a friend. I told my good friend Alyssa about Spread the Love week, and she told me she would make me a mix CD of her favorite group. And today I made her one in return.

It has 8 tracks of the English versions of some Korean Songs. Sounds kinda weird, I know. But these songs are actually pretty good. ;) Here! Listen!

mmm Taeyang.. abs like a Hershey bar..

this one makes me think "team jacob." lol

and these are English covers by JD Relic. Sounds great but the videos are a little awkward and silly to just sit and watch.

What do you think? ;)

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  1. Angie, the way you handled this situation is so very inspiring and shows how kindhearted you are! Surely we all fantasize about telling off that one person who wronged us in some way -- to be given the situation to do so, and instead to choose being polite and kind takes such inner strength and grace! It's wonderful to hear that you gained personal closure from doing this, rather than allowing more negative energy into your world from this person.

    Also, I love the Wedding Dress song. It could be on top 40 US radio, it's so catchy!