Wednesday, July 14, 2010

this is my Aha Moment

i finished my owl painting! isn't it cute?? :) i'm gunna list it on etsy as soon as i get my mac back from the shop so i can edit the photos. i made it as a prop to take to the interview for mutual of omaha's "aha moments" campaign. honestly, i think i did a poor job at the interview. a lot of blanking out and not being sure if i answered the question that was asked. oh well. not gunna dwell on it. here is what i would have LIKED to have said:

My name is Angie and this is my Aha Moment:
A few months ago, I was feeling really down on myself. The clothes I was wearing didn't make me fell pretty. My free time was spent doing nothing but watching TV. I felt like I was in a rut. One day I was sitting in english class, listening to another student read her essay out loud. She used the quote, "dress for the job you want, not the job you have," and hearing that really inspired me, not only in my wardrobe, but in my life. I've taken that quote, and stretched it. Why not, "live the life you want, not the life you have?" In doing so, the life you want becomes the life you have! 
I used to sit around and say things like, "Oh, I wish I knew how to sew, or crochet, or cook. Someday, I'll learn." One of the things I had always wanted to do was to open an online business, where I would sell my handmade goods and art. I had wanted to do pursue this goal for years, but I always had the "someday" mentalily. Why not make someday today? After hearing that quote, I decided to go for it. Making jewelry and art and crafts really gave me a sence of accomplishment. I had a feeling of pride when I would finish something new. It was such a good feeling. And checking the site to find that I've sold something?? SUCH a great feeling.
The possitive feedback I've gotten from my customers totally brightens my day. I'm a detail oriented person, and they notice that. I put care into making my jewelry and crafts, right down to the packaging, and I've gotten comments from people saying, "Not only did I love the necklace you made, but opening it felt like I was unwrapping a present." And that makes me feel really good.
From opening my online shop, I've learned that I really can do anything I want. I've learned that when you get stuck in a rut, the only thing keeping you there is yourself. You just need a little push; it could be an inspiring song, a movie, or in my case, a quote that I made into my own. That little push is your Aha Moment, and it will change your life.

My friend Amber gave me a ride down to Dayton, since i'm a terrible driver. i have a phobia of driving places i'm not familiar with. seriously, i freak out. so it meant a lot to me that she spared me that terror. (although learning to drive to new places is something on my "the life you want" to-do list) and she gave me this adorable little book called "good friends are hard to find." it's filled with pictures of cute baby animals and friendship qoutes. i love it. :]
"I can only think of one thing greater than being happy and that is to help another to be happy too."  
- Jim Thomson

After the interview, we went to Panera, where I got a GREAT bowl or broccoli and cheese soup. then we decided to make a girl's day of it, went shopping at marshall's where i got a pair of jeans and the world's best sweatshirt. <3 and here is a photo of my cat, just for kicks. and she normally has both her ears; one of them is just under her face at the moment.

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  1. Aw, this is such an inspirational post. I'm glad to hear about your Aha moment -- that is so awesome.