Sunday, July 4, 2010

fourth of july

when i was growing up, my family lived in a big house with a big yard out in the country. it was a tradition that my dad and cousins and i would drive across the state line to indiana and buy $200 worth of fireworks. fireworks are illegal here in ohio, but hey, everyone else is doing it. ;) after firework shopping, we would all get pizza hut. on the fourth, all my relatives would gather at our house for a bbq and fireworks show. unfortunately, 3 years ago, we had to move closer to the city, and we dont get our own backyard fireworks anymore.

today my parents took me to Trader's World flea market in Cincinnati. i was a little less than impressed.. when i think of flea market, i think if giant awesome garage sale. but trader's world had every other booth selling cell phone accessories, cornhole games, ugly handbags, knives, or beef jerky. ew. i came home empty handed..

even with that disappointment, i had a good day. i walked to target at 7, when the sun was just setting and the light looked really pretty. it was so beautiful, you can't help but have that "so in love with life" feeling. here are some pics i took on the way home from target.


  1. I love the family of ducks! So cute.

  2. Aw, the mama duck with her babies is beyond heartwarming!

  3. great photos. the flea market by me in arizona is reallllly disappointing, so i know what you mean :)

  4. hii! i just found your blog, i love it:) happy to be a new follower xo

  5. Although I do love beef jerky trader's world super sucks and Caesar's creek isn't, much better.

    I'm glad to see I'm not the only one from Ohio with a sense of fashion that's not midwest boring.